Friday, July 25, 2008

Window Treatments by Dorothy Draper

Hi Girlfriends,
I am back with a few more of my own photos taken during one of our stays at 
The Greenbrier Resort, W. Va.

It was at The Greenbier that I first began taking photos of window treatments.  
Since then, I take photos of window treatments wherever I stay.

Dorothy Draper's talent extended beyond the raising of ceiling, large doorways and rococo scrolls.  Her drapery treatments are different in every room at The Greenbrier Resort.  This room is off the lawn croquet course and has had only one "add-on" since Draper designed it.

Draper just knew how to add the finish touches....discreetly.

This portrait needs no introduction.....grace always adorn this room......before this only
 added feature......when Princess Grace and her family visited the resort......
long after Draper did the room.

I feel like Dorothy Draper was thinking of Scarlet when she designed this window treatment.

Dorothy Draper loved big scale.  Visually, nothing speaks more truth,  than my "GQ" husband, 6'3", posing in one of the resort's doorways.... leading off from an open porch (with his Davidoff cigar and Brandy........yes, a more recent photo taken while attending a Holland & Holland Sporting Clays Event).  Note how the window panes curve upwards to enhance the height even more.

Talk again,



Girlfriend Nadine said...

A great example of scale of doors with the "GQ" man posing.........I have been here and never thought to take pictures of DD's work. Will when I return this Fall thought!!

Danielle said...

Glad he was enjoying a Davidoff! The interior shots and design are gorgeous. Thanks for posting them.

Best regards,
Danielle Hawthorne
Brand Manager-Davidoff/Zino Classic
Davidoff of Geneva (CT)

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Denise and Gwen say:

Thanks girlfriends for your comments.......

GF Nadine: Enjoy your "click, click" adventure throughout The "G".

Danielle: Yes a Davidoff, using his Davidoff cutter and lighter too. It was at The Greenbrier where Mary from Davidoff's introduced Zinos to my husband. If you look up my last name in Davidoff's of NY computer, you will know what an avid client he is........he calls almost monthly now-!!