Monday, July 7, 2008

Paint Chart

Hi Girlfriends,

Have you noticed, when your husband sends you to buy paint, say for the guest room, it is like deciding which gas station is selling gas at a cent cheaper? Selecting paint is fun and the end result is so rewarding.  But, the difficulty begins when you choose your color and tell the salesperson  "2 gallons please." Suddenly, this person turns into an alien with terms you have never known about...........just for paint too-!!  Ok, you did know about flat, semi-gloss, and gloss, but today, as you stand there, you must decide on what sheen: FLAT, EGGSHELL, SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS, or HI-GLOSS.   This is when your cell phone fails you..... you know you left home with your husband up on a ladder prepping the ceiling ........and he isn't going to climb down to answer the phone.  No more fretting, I found a clever "How-to-buy" chart at Lowe's over the longggggg weekend.  Print this chart out and tuck it in a safe place.  It will be ever so convenient for your next paint project. Good luck-!!

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Girlfriend Kim said...

Hi Girlfriends, This chart is a great idea!! I scanned it into my PrintMaster software to enlarge it more. Made several copies and put taped one of them near our paint storage area.

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

G.F. Kim, Thank You for the great idea you gave us all-!! Sorry about the size, I am still learning the 'ropes' of enlarging.......still don't have quite the hang of it yet.

Girlfriend Denise.