Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Funnies: ELLE DECO International Design Awards

Hi Girlfriends,

For this Sunday Funnies........... Milan 2008

GWEN: What is it???

HINT: It will make you "appreciate how some of the simplest furniture pieces can be re-interpreted in any number of ways."

DENISE: Did anyONE guess???

GWEN: A chair-!!

The Designer of the Year, Tokujin Yoshioka, has applied fabric squares to appear like petals, to allow the chair's user (that's us) to feel embraced, evoking a similar feeling to that of receiving a bouquet of flowers.

The "petals" of the chair are designed to return to their original form once a person stands up. Yoshioka explains that "the new chair Bouquet uplifts the sitter as well as a flowr bouquet does it to the receiver. The vibrant colors would evoke one's remembrance."

Remembrance, indeed-! This bouquet will be hard to forget.........especially on Valentine's Day.

A la prochaine,
Denise et Gwen

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Maison21 is my favorite blog for the real take on "What's-selling-in-California" ............. 3 years later, what has happened in CA. "then" makes it's way to the midwest "later." Chicago's moi tramping grounds-! So I do always pay close attention to what Maison21 posts, where it's unique or just picking up on his wild fantastic spelling of words or his creative style of phrasing an item. I just love him. As for his shopping excursions, I know he gets to have all the fun seeking out the best of new places in his neighborhood.....and I do envy him for this too. He also has a great sense of humor........Like, look what he found at hd buttercup? 3 by 4 foot raffia chandeliers that come in 2 colors for a mere $850.00 each. Only, if this item makes it to Chicago's NorthShore, I see this Sunday Funnies hanging in a huge broom closet in 3 years.

Do visit Maison21 and enjoy his blogging. He's a great insight for what is to come.

A la prochaine,

Monday, September 14, 2009

REupholstering Grandma's Chair

Hi Girlfriends, DON'T THROW OUT GRANDMA'S 'FAVORITE' CHAIR just because the fabric looks tattered or the cushion has 'collasped' in size or the varnish has worn thin where your beloved Grandma placed her hands thousands of times. Your chair is a jewel keeper and can be made to pop in a room. TODAY, any upholster CAN make it all look current by adding a new updated stain to the wood (try going the Barbara Berry Java stain or a black lacquer), tightening the springs, new stuffing and puffing up the "too thin" look and ask for more fullness or height (Yes, an upholster can make a back of a chair "grow" too). THEN, have some fun and make this item come alive with fabulous "to the trade" fabrics. Don't forget, to contact us for an affordable price on most "to the trade" designer fabrics.

Here are 9 good reasons why you will want your Grandmother's chair:

I love this chair with this fabric on it. The stain is great too. Then, the chest with the 'hint' of purple and a red lacquer top is wonderful too-!

This marvelous fabric makes this chair pop in any room. I love the subtle pink painted furniture to make it all happen.

The French sure know how to address classique looks with style, dont' they?

C'est this chair perfect for any man's library?

Are you taking in the colors surrounding the furniture? Color walls do play an important part in any setting too.

Q: What pops in this photo? This is why you don't discard Grandma's chair. Subdued colors then PINK-! Love how only the chair and the rug "talk" and one still gets a restful night.

TIP: Your upholster CAN add fabric to the back of any wood exposed dinning chair. AND, by adding a coat of black lacquer to the legs with the final detail being a scrumptious solid fabric you are ready for a romantic dinner for two.

A mellow velvet works too...............and it is still will add to memories in any room choosen for it.

C'est the wood accents just marvelous in this photo?

If you love French style furniture, allow moi, Denise, to suggest a talented designer, Joni, and her blog, Cote De Texas, for ideas and suggestion.

All items are from Roche Bobois out of Paris.

A la prochaine,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reupholstering A Chair

Hi Girlfriends,

Q: Where would you put this pair of chairs in your house?

A: Curb Appeal.

A la prochaine,

Friday, September 11, 2009


"Look-! The lights are on-!!!!"

I THANK YOU ,Paris Breakfasts, for this posting today.
In her own words:
"It's become a tradition in New York for 2 days to shine these 2 beautiful It's It’s become a tradition in New York for 2 days to shine these 2 beautiful beams of light to honor those who died on September 11. The "Tribute in Light" is made up of 88 lights and takes a full month to install my friend told me. It was created in 2002 by artists Julian LaVerdiere and Paul Myoda, architects John Bennett and Gustavo Bonevardi of PROUN Space Studio, architect Richard Nash Gould, and lighting designer Paul Marantz and produced by the Municipal Art Society and Creative Time. The lights go on at sunset and then will fade away at dawn on September 12.
If you click on the pictures or on this link you can experience a 360 degree view of these lights. It seemed like the best way I could post today was to share this tribute with you.

If you go to it is awesome.

A la prochaine,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Designer Guild Fabrics Fall 2009 Collection

Hi Girlfriends,

Are you thrilled to be hearing the sound of the yellow school bus going by your house? With all the changes that come with Fall, one is you seriously taking a concentrated look over the projects you are going to achieve before the holidays are upon you.

I thought it would be fun to look over the beautiful new Autumn collections of fabrics and wallcoverings from Designer Guild. Designer Guild fabrics are sold by my website The fabrics stimulates the mind and scenses of feel and touch. This new collection is taken from the influences from the 18th century classical architectural motifs, French 19th centruey wallpapers and the renouwned Vienna Werkstatte school: printed cottons, linens and silks reflect these influences and designs range from "sophisticated architectural patterns and flowing arabesques, coupled with beautifully rendered floral motifs. Stunning jacquard and embroidered silks and satins, gorgeous new velvets and luxurious wools, as well as sophisticated wide width voiles are completed by great new 'Essentials' plains and rtexutres, a comprehensive range of FR fabrics and two great ranges of wallcoverings."

Study closely the different fabrics for pillows. I love the fact they don't match the sofa fabric at all. Therefore, if you are one who has your sofa pillows matching your sofa fabric you now know what to do. Pick them up and run to the garage can with them. Note the colours this season are stronger.

Keeping with the "G" organic times, neutrals are offset by masculine shades of charcoal, indigo, and cocoa, highlighted with luminous tones of chartreuse, ocean and berry with gold and silver accents.

Isn't it remarkable how all these fabrics work together and the look is total sophistication.........the European way.

A la prochaine,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Funnies


Enjoy this passage of summer, Labor Day weekend, and a la prochaine,
Denise et Gwen

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flagler Carriage House FOR SALE

Hi Girlfriends, Gwen and I love peeking into beautiful houses. Don't you? Today is a real treat for Gwen......and down Memory Lane, for we are going to 'tour' Gwen's, once upon a time, relatives property that is For Sale in Palm Beach, Florida, the Flagler Carriage House. Gwen is related to the famous railroad magnate family, Henry Morrison Flagler, and has visited this Beaux Arts estate since childhood. Today, Gwen is used by the family to decorate their own homes, including Scottsdale.

The opulence and luxury of America's Gilded Age carried itself over into the building of Flagler's carriage house too. This carriage house was purchased and renovated for a wonderful retreat by some lucky owner. I love the preservation done to the outside with the warm tropical sun and dazzling aquablue ocean beckoning us inside.

What a wonderful spot to curl up and read a good book-!

A la prochaine,
Denise et Gwen

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sen.and Mrs. Ted Kennedy, 1999

Hi Girlfriends, Architectural Digest featured Sen. and Mrs. Ted Kennedy in their Georgetown home in 1999. The decor is timeless. Interior Designer, Josepha B. Faley said of this Washington, D.C, residence for Sen Kennedy and his wife, Victoria, " “My goal was to adapt a formal city house to comfortable family life for a private yet very public couple.”

Fabrics and trims used were Nobilis, Cowtan & Tout, Scalamandre, Brunschwig & Fils, Donghia, Beacon Hill, Lee Jofa, J. Robert Scott fringes, and Houles trims. Ooooh how we wished we could have sold these "to the trade" designer fabrics to them on

I love this floral arrangement of roses and twigs. The painting on the wall was painted by Sen. Kennedy.

This is the backyard and the porch stretches the entire length of the house.

A la prochaine,
Denise et Gwen