Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Designers Creating For You

Hi Girlfriends,

Are your summer catalogs beginning to arrive in your mailbox?  Yesterday, another Gump's catalog arrived in mine.  To my surprise, for the first time, I saw this lazy Susan by artist, Annie Modica.  I bought mine with pears and figs, at least six years ago, at Past Basket, while staying at The American Club, Kohler, WI.  

A lazy Susan is a perfect answer to serving hor'd at your next outdoor gathering.  Simply place the lazy Susan in the middle of the table and consider serving 3 different kinds of cheeses: Huntsman, Brie and Spain's Drunken Goat, along with fig preserves and crackers.  So easy to have your guests just turn the lazy Susan to help themselves.

Another line of items in this same catolog was Martha Study with her own furniture  and accessories.  This artist first began as a sculptor and now brings her 'eye' to each item she designs in furniture. What makes her items so unique is using a simple technique of sandblasting and transforms strong resin table tops, vases, etc, into luminous textures reminiscent of honed stone.  Her bright colors remind me of a rainbow of popsicles.  Each item is an accent in any room.

Talk again,


Girlfriend Kim said...

Girlfriend Denise, Thank you for this article. I googled Annie Monica and, welllllllll, uh, hope you don't mind, but I ordered the pear and fig lazy Susan just like yours.

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

G.F. Kim, Thanks for liking my taste-!! No problem with me. I saw mine in the window and "had-to-have". I also use this lazy Susan with 'grazing' foods, on our cocktail table, as we keep warm by the fire......of course, during cold winter nights.

Girlfriend Denise