Monday, July 28, 2008

Designing Window Treatments With Shades

Blinds and Shades, Southern Accents, by Garrett Lane
Photography by Tria Giovan

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A room is never complete without window treatments.

IN THIS PHOTO, windows are decorated in yards of beautiful olive-brown chenille created by Stanley Ellis, Atlanta, and finished off with more yards of tassels. Alone, this treatment makes a statement in any bay window. But, when it comes to privacy, the added blinds give this look preference and practicality. Why? Because they provide light control, helps with the room proportions and screens out unwanted views.

Two of the best companies to keep in mind when you decide to buy shades made out of natural green materials; reeds, bamboo, rattan and grasses are:
high-end, high-end, high-end
Conrad Shades
more affordable
Hunter Douglas
Provenance line.

Architectural Digest

I love the light and graceful window treatment done for this room.
I am sure hidden under is a shade for privacy.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen


Garrett Lane said...

Hello Denise -- thanks very much for the reference, I enjoyed working on that story for Southern Accents.

I’ve since moved to a different business unit. I’m now with, which is the new “hub” site for Time Inc.’s home and garden brands, including Cottage Living, Sunset, Coastal Living, and Southern Accents.

Please visit the site and check out our channels and blogs some time -- given your line of work, I hope you’ll enjoy our content:
(Yes, we’re giving away an idea house!)

As reference, I’m also copying Lisa Frederick, current editor of, and Jennifer Bonds, our assistant editor and resident design blogger (

Best regards ...


P.S. I haven’t met Richard yet, but will definitely pass along your greeting if I run into him in the New York offices.

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Denise says: What an honor to have Garrett Lane answer so ASAP-!! Thanks-!!!

For everyone else, Mr. Lane's reference to "Richard" is Time Inc. icon, Richard Stolley. Stolley was the FIRST Editor of People Magazine, at the same time his twin, was Editor of Life Magazine-!! Incredible success lives of these twin sibs. Their careers began at The Pekin Daily Times, Pekin,Illinois, as after school hours, sports reporters. Their mother was my high school substitute teacher in English.