Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bay Window Treatments

Hi Girlfriends, During the Renaissance a window style developed throughout Europe call the bay, or projecting window.

Gwen: Bay refers to a common area in a medieval house that was used for cooking, living, and sleeping.

Denise: Yes, and when large Manor homes were built, bay windows were the size of small rooms, projecting straight out from a hallway, library or gallery, with glass on three sides of the projection.

Bay windows are more costly than windows that are set flush with the wall. They are far less energy-efficient. Heat lost is great in the winter and in the summer the direct sunlight magnifies glare and solar heat gain.

Treating a bay can be a challenge. Some of the possibilities for installing pairs of draperies and one-way draws at bay window are just a few of the demanding task for any designer.....and homeowner.

As one is limited to design, looking over the following gives anyone an idea how making a bay window a focal point can be achieved.

Denise and Gwen: If you do decide on window treatments for your bay window, please visit our website,

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Online Bedding Linens Sites

Hi Girlfriends,

We love bedding changing. We love to see our clients change out the look from Winter to Summer. So refreshing. So satisfying.

Denise: All the bedding we found on the Internet on Designer Linen Outlet and Linen Source websites.

Gwen: If anyone wishes custom-made, please remember our website as the place to go for fabrics.

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kravet Fabrics for First Lady's Congressional Luncheon-!

Hi Girlfriends, On April 30th, the Congressional Club held their annual luncheon in a non-partisan setting for all spouses of members of both House, Washington, D.C. This is to honor the First Lady of the United States.

DENISE: Did everyone know this toile table cloth fabric was designed and created by Kravet fabrics?

GWEN: Yes and Kravet has been generously doing this since 2001.

DENISE: If anyone is interested in purchasing this fabric, please visit our website, and let us know from our "get a quote" window.

A very special thank you to Kravet Inc for your continuous support and generously donating yards and yards and yards of beautiful toile. And, wish we could take orders on your tote today-!

Denise and Gwen

All photos from Kravet's Inspired.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pekinite Commands the Atlantis-!!

"PEKIN, Ill. -
The space shuttle Atlantis is flying about 350 miles above earth in an area speckled with space debris and junk. So it is no wonder that shuttle Commander Scott Altman’s parents, Sharon and Fred, were happy to get word from their son.
“We were relieved today to hear that damage in the tiles on the shuttle was only superficial,” Sharon Altman said. “Actually every launch/landing reveals some damaged tiles on every mission. No one ever worried about this damage much until the disaster with the Columbia. That was a factor with that situation — everyone was too complacent.”
“We received an e-mail from Scott tonight after they had rendezvoused with the Hubble and captured it with the arm,” Fred Altman said, noting that “Scott was the person who guided the Atlantis shuttle into position. He seems to be in good spirits.”
The Altmans said that while the weather in Florida has been pretty warm, with rain the past two days, it was fortunate that the launch was rescheduled for Monday rather than Tuesday as originally planned.
“That made travel plans more hectic for many people, but the weather was certainly great for the launch,” Sharon said."

Gwen: This is really cool Denise.

Denise: You bet. A home grown Pekinite like myself.

Gwen: Anyone else famous out of Pekin?

Denise: The Hon. Senator Everette McKinley Dirksen for starters. Then we had newly appointed Secretary of the State, John McNaughton. Sadly McNaughton, his wife and one son were killed in a commercial airlines in '67. They were returning to Washington after getting their son from camp.

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of our girlfriends.

I, Denise, gave this beautiful statue to my mother on Mother's Day about 20 years ago, Madonna and Child by Herend.

Love on this special day to all mothers,
Denise & Gwen

Friday, May 8, 2009

Home Theater Interiors

Hi Girlfriends,
We have been working on a project that calls for drapery treatments in the owners Home Theater. The most fun has been buying up old movie posters from the 50's. Both Gwen and I grew up going to every Saturday Matinee as kids in the 50's. 25 cents you could get in and still have enough for a box of popcorn.

Denise: Here is what the inside of my home town's movie theater looked liked before being razed in 1986:

Gwen: Movie theaters have come a long way since this was built in 1928-! Look at what is going on in homes today:

Photos from ads: Barretts, Avtel Inc., The Dana Group, Pekin Daily Times

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yahoo Is Up and Running-!!

Nieman Marcus Bedding

Hi Girlfriends,

Every since January 2009 we have been having problems with Yahoo not being able to get our website, to work. It seems this Grannie is the designated techie of the twosome and it has been me talking, talking, talking to Yahoo, our fabulous webdesigner, Jim Jamesson out of Groovy Web Designs, Ashville, NC., the Apple Hospital, Comcast, back to Yahoo and the circle would repeat itself. Many $$$$$$ later, we are "up and running." Now that we are back in business, please visit our site and contact us through, "get a quote."

Many thanks to Jim at GroovyWebdesign for paving the way to finally making it work

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bamboo Flooring and More-!

Hi Girlfriends,

Today is going to be brief. If you are into being price conscious this Spring.....and who isn't.......I found a few sites I want to share with you:

Bamboo Flooring
Fantastic flooring specials.

Cheap Bamboo Flooring
Don't overpay for your flooring any more.

Look for decorating tips or ideas?
This site is where you can search thousands of photos for your home.

Another site for redecorating.
Wallplates to match your decor-!

Talk again,
Visit this site for "to-the-trade" designer fabrics and compare prices against others. i.e. your decorator or BigBox stores.

Friday, May 1, 2009



TODAY WE ARE GOING TO talk about one very respected interior designer, Candice Olson. As if we already don't know, she was born and raised in Canada, attended college for a bachelor of scinece degree and, at the same time, traveled the globe playing volleyball for the Canadian National Team. Upon graduation she decided, as a "whim", applied and attend School of Interior Design at Ryerson University. She was always headed for success and recognition, and, it may have happened sooner, by being scouted for her remarkable talent, she honed her skills for several years with notable Canadian top interior designer firms, contemporary modern with a touch of the unexpected. Olson has become the success she is today and with fans who adore her. Like us-!

Gwen: (sigh) Her signature style incorporates creativity, practicality and timelessness.

Denise: Amen. Also, Candice Olson has a following that borders on mania.........and rightfully so.

Gwen: Yea, and design point of view resonates strongly with today's consumer. Espcially in these eco times.

Denise: So true. That is why Candice Olson is a natural choice for Kravet Fabrics, JIA, AF Lighting, Norwalk Furniture, York Wallcoverings, SilestoneUSA, Revcon Intl, Thermador, and Paragon.

Gwen: Whew-! She is one busy girl.


Denise: Girlfriends, What a good thing FOR YOU we sell Candice Olson fabrics through our website, discount designer fabrics online.

Credits provided: Kravet Fabrics, Hooked on Houses blog,York Wallcoverings and Revcon International.