Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where is Dorothy Draper?


Nothing speaks more of who Dorothy Draper was than 
Men may come here for
 golf, golf, golf, 
ladies get to experience 
the ambiance of
Dorothy Draper.......'
 interior designer whose ideas bloom like 
the true 
Southern hospitality
throughout one's stay.  

Forget Minimalism.  

Draper favored exuberant colors and bold patterns.  Even today (Schumacher has kept all of Draper's fabric designs specifically for The Greenbrier), with her eye-popping colors, oversize prints, and her touch for flamboyance still flourishes from draperies, walls, furnishings, floors and rococo scrollwork.  Draper defined The Greenbrier with sophistication.  Her designs also include slipcovers, house plants and black and white marble floors.

What is so adorable to watch are the little Greenbrier camp guests 
 following their camp leader 
who is telling them not to step on the huge 24 " x  24" white tiles.  
Oooooh, their little legs can't help
 touch those huge white marble squares 
no matter how hard they try to avoid them.

These photos I took before the Internet was created-!!  Each time I return, I never need to take photos of these rooms, because nothing has change since 
Dorothy Draper decorating days.

I will feature more of Dorothy Draper at The Greenbrier, once I figure out from my 
unbeknown blog-mentor,
how to move and place pictures where 
Denise want them to go. 

Talk again, 


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