Sunday, July 27, 2008

A+ Roster

Hi Girlfriends,

We are not quiet two months old (meaning our blog) and know we still have "growing pains." Both of us have much to share and far to go in our presenting to you.........and, we have been learning about blogging from so many sites...... Now, seems like a good time to begin our link list. This list will continue to grow and grow, but, for starters, we would like to take the time to thank a few and begin our "A+ Roster List" today.

Early on, we 'saw' how short and catchy titles hold an interest. Thus, we changed our name to "Decor etc." Then, looking into our "History," we realized we visited certain sites over and over and over. As we gathered notes from each one........We know we still have some out there for our A+ Roster, but, our notes are a M-E-S-S-!! But, know this, you all are A+ bloggers; young, bright, gifted and beautiful in both appearances and style. We can't get enough of you.......(sigh)

We want to give special thanks to two unique blogs: First to Alkemie for her aggressive investigation "behind the scenes" and then having the confidence in our website and listing us in her upholstery section. Next, we can't say enough from All Things Bright and Beautiful and her generous wealth of information on Blogging Tips. These tips keep us going back time and time again. From these two sites, we have clicked links to learn about......more blogging information, new artists, new designers, shopping, salvitating still for Lauduree macarons and clicking the links they all suggest into an infinity of blogs in cyberspace. Sometimes it takes us two days to get back to Alkemie and All Things Bright and Beautiful. In a day, the wealth of talent shared from our ventures into new links, we know we could never have discovered them such a short amount of time without the help of these two sites. Girlfriends, what we have "seen" is not only energy and love for discovering and sharing new products, etc. on the market, but how much fun they are all having in their careers, married lives, nesting, or raising a young family too. It's all soooooo wonderful-!!

Please note we are impressed with each blog we have visited. One silly question that pops up for us is: "Does Cote De Texas ever sleep?" Her talent and time is incredible too-!! From Texas French decorating to writing her own blog. But, she really rocks as an Interior Designer activist fighting a very worthy cause against ASID. Added to all this is her boundless comments she leaves on all the blogs she visits.....we-ll she deserves the "Energized Bunny Award" from us-!! Remarkable gal.........and she maintains a good sense of humor, especially noted when another blogsite commented on her being an older blogger (LOL, Cote De Texas is just 37-!!)

Lastly, our love and prays is still for Nate as he writes his blog, " The Confessions Of A CF Husband." We recommend every girlfriend visit this site and soon you will realize how small your problems are.....................amen.

Thank You one and all
as we add to our
we will be commenting
on what makes your blog
so special
to us.

Have a nice Sunday.

Oooh, the whimsical big yellow bow drapery treatment by Dorothy Draper for The Greenbrier Resort suggests
perhaps a good Mint Julep
was had
just before this design was conceived.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen


Alkemie said...

Denise and Gwen, Thank you so much for the shout out and I must say that you provide a great opportunity for others to buy great fabrics at reasonble prices. Blogging is definitely an eye opening journey. Welcome to the world of blogging and cheers to connecting with others and forging new friendships!



MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - I just saw this! Thank you for the shout out! And no! Actually, I don't sleep too much. I'm an insomniac! hahaha, really!

thanks again, this is just toooo sweeeeet!!!