Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brays Island Plantation "2nd" Home

Hi Girlfriends,

Are you like me.............when you drive by a house you admire, you are just itching to see the interior? I guess we can be thankful for Spring and Fall garden club House Walks. Allow me to show you around a FOR SALE "2nd" house at Brays Island Plantation, Sheldon, SC. If you are not familiar with Brays Island, that is because it is a private island, gated, and once may tell yourself you are never leaving. It's so deep south........low country actually.

Over at maison21, the author is inviting all bloggers to decorate a room and use some of his "stuff" he has been featuring throughout the year. Oooooooh could I have had some fun if I had known about his clever invite.....for I would have collected long enough to do one of the FOR SALE rooms-!!

But first....



All credits go to the following:
photos by Brays Island Plantation, Sheldon, SC and Holland & Holland

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Window Treatments from Ireland

Erin Go Blaugh Lassies-!!

While on vacations, I am always snapping window treatments. My Mac is loaded with the results. And, on the TODAY SHOW this morning, they were talking about great 4-day "holidays" for Americans to go, right now, in Ireland, until May 1st. If flying out of NY, a Continental flight to Shannon airport is $300 or less for a ROUND TRIP. What's even better, one can stay at the following for under $150.00 a night-!! One place is a bit more, but you get an Irish Breakfast and $150.00 off dinner. So I got on the Internet and began sleuthing around until I found a few of the hotels Today spoke about. I figure tonight after a "gourmet" cornbeef and cabbage dinner with a handsome sherry spiked trifle, I will approach the subject with a wee twinkle in me Irish green eyes. See, if you have a husband who loves, loves, loves golf......well, need I say more? Too many lovely golf courses to choose from in all these given hotel areas. Then, as your soulmate golfs, you can get in a cab and head for ruins and shopping. I especially love the local towns for window displays of hats. It's click, click, click for me while in town. Back at one of the three fabulous "must stay" places, anyone could find me taking photos of all the window treatments for my drapery archives later. What fun I would have clicking every room at the "G" Hotel.
Bellinter House
This striking house regally stands on the banks of the River Boyne and one can take in the breathtaking rolling landscape of County Meath, where take in the euphoric understanding of this hotel's glamour period. The house, in her classic Georgian heritage, is meticulously preserved, while enhancing it with the best of the modern Irish design.
One does not need to pack a book when this library offers plenty of read.
Now this wall scones could be interesting to examine up close. Is it made out of paper?

Very nice colors in this suite.

The "G" Hotel
WOW...Wow...WOW-! Galway has gone Hollywood. Designed by Galway native Philip Treacey, I actually love the decor, even if it "over the top" for one seeking an Irish "feel." What I love about this is the colors and lighting Treacey selected. Bold, daring, but sexuous. Why with so much glass, crome, mirror, it's a "get away" for anyone in a fun and romantic mood. Every thing just pops.........and keeps on popping. Notice the bar. Why girlfriends, please remember to wear your jeans if you sit on one of the stools. Need I warn you?


"Must see" room in person-!

The mirrors are fabulous and I am sure this room is quite stunning in person.

The Coopershill Hotel
The Coopershill Hotel in Silgo is a beautiful Georgian style house built in 1774. I would have no problems staying here, for I have a family photo of a Sligo police officer from my mother's side of the family. It would be an ancestor hunt for me to try and locate relatives in this area.......or head for the local church yards to learn what I can.

This room reminds me of my childhood. Vanity table, oval mirror, single shaded ceiling fixture, and the matching pair of lamps on each end of the bed. It's all so warm and inviting for me to rest.

Perfect........a shower head for my husband and a long and leisure bath drawn for me.

An Irish breakfast will be most welcomed in this stately dining room. The sideboard is showing some stunning Waterford decanters too.

WHEW-! Dreaming is wonderful, but girlfriends, we can make this happen too. Right now the fares to Ireland are very low. Let's all make it happen.........before May 1st.

Talk again,

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yahoo Stress...........

Hi Girlfriends,

I keep asking myself,"Why didn't I marry a Geek?" Instead, I married the one who knows everything and can do all, except turn on a computer-!! Right now, Yahoo isn't able to send any "get a quote" from my website, "" for several months now. I was paying my webdesigner to host me, but he had me switch over to Yahoo in November. All was fine until '09. The lingo is about "PHP" like this Grannie would know all about PHP. Stressful for me, only I am at Yahoo's mercy waiting for them to correct the situation into my 3rd month. Why is this so difficult? I think it has to do with everytime I call, I get a new geek with a better solution. In the meantime, Yahoo keeps taking my monthly payments out of my credit card.

Despite Yahoo, Spring is coming. Sunshine is warming the Spring bulbs and by this time next week, all the astilbes will be blooming. Here is one of my neighbors front yard.


I sincerely apologize to anyone trying to contact me through my website. Especially since economy times are stressing us all enough. My what a good thing my "to-the-trade" designer fabrics are so attractive in pricing to you, my internet client.

My blog pick of the week:

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