Sunday, July 6, 2008

Toile Window Treatment and More-!!

Hi Girlfriends,

The annuals are blooming after all your efforts this Spring,  but, what has been in the back of your mind, and tends to get ignored, is that much neglected guest room.  Promise yourself, on the next rainy-indoor-day, to take inventory of this room and begin to tackle it with a positive outcome.  Remember, your house guests may need to escape, to a quiet spot to rest or read a book, after a day of activities planned by their hostess. Naturally, the guest room is the most logical place.  Once you get your guest room right the first time, just leave it alone and enjoy it.

 How can I make a Guest room pretty, but affordable?

Gwen: "I always tell my clients to keep the color scheme with the rest of the house. But, keep it simple and less."

Denise:  "If the room is small, I like wallpaper and window treatments fabrics to match."

Gwen:  "Yes, but remember to add another splash of color."

Denise: "Exactly...... Like the photo to the right where interior designer, Nancy Taylor Lynch, Gastonia, North Carolina, skirted table introduces a burst of color with a large-scale floral pattern."

Gwen: "If considering a guest room similar to this photo, a white mattlesse coverlet is perfect with a blue and white gingham skirt...because both never appear wrinkled or tired....while waiting for a guest."

Denise: " Google 'mattlesse coverlet' for websites that offer fabulous pricing.  Don't forget they have matching shams, then work in one of the other colors from the floral fabric in stripes or gingham for a 'hint' of eye movement in the room."

Gwen: "Rescuing those old family photos, still-in-the-box wedding presents, or Auntie Ruth's lamp will give the room lots of welcoming personality too."

Denise:  "Target has some terrific picture frames.  But.........the one place to spend more money on must be Auntie Ruth's lamp.  Any old, out-dated, or plain ugly (to you) lamp will take on a whole new personality after you take it to a lamp store and have the PERFECT shade selected for it.  Be sure to let the store know where this lamp is going to be used--so your guests will not be staring at any of the working parts of the lamp. Ooooh, and, don't forget to buy a finial too-!! "

 Talk again,
Denise and Gwen


Girlfriend Bridget H. said...

Thanks girlfriends for the great tip on lamp shades.

Girlfriend Sherry said...

Girlfriend Denise, Your tips are very helpful. I took an "ugly" lamp into my local lamp store and it's beautiful now!! The finial choosen was an added touch to my new lamp. Thanks again.

SW said...

Beautiful color for a guest bedroom. Usually, guest bedrooms are light and airy and that's a perfect example!

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Thank you SW. Your site is a great reference for valances and happy to notice you do COM too-!!

Let's talk, Denise & Gwen