Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson KING OF POP

HI GIRLFRIENDS, We wanted to be amongst the thousands of blogs paying a final farewell to one of our greatest American musical icons, Michael Jackson, KING OF POP. When Elvis died, the then Editor of Peoples Magazine, Richard Stolley (he was from my home town of Pekin, Illinios), told me the HUGE mistake he made when he decided not to put him on the front cover of Peoples Mag. Dick missed being a part of Elvis by 10 years earlier and could not "see" featuring him on the cover and went with someone else. It wasn't until Stolley stepped out of his office and saw all the secretaries crying into their hankies. He inquired and and was told, "Elvis died." He ran back into his office to kill the presses.....but all too late.

Here is Michael Jackson in sequence of his life:

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom's All-Time Summer Desserts Recipes

Hi Girlfriends,

Today the humidity is to be very high. Already I have the air on as I feel it climbing. Since Gwen is preoccupied, my energy isn't into going to The Mart, but I am thinking of how Mom handled 9 kids when summer desserts were much a part of our 6 O'clock Supper time. Just as were the tasks Mom delegated to us; "Set the table", "Clear the table", "Wash and dry the dishes" and "Sweep the floor."

My two favorite recipes for summer desserts:

A) Sliced bananas and chopped up oranges sprinkled with some sugar and then homemade whipped cream folded in. Yum-!

B) Vanila ice cream,Hershey surup poured over it and topped with Spanish peanuts. Yum-!

Tonight I think it will be "B".

Talk again,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Re-upholster Your Grandmother's Chair This Summer-!

Hi Girlfriends,

Summer has officially arrived
we love what you can do with your Grandmother's chair
until you get ready to do the real thing.

All photos are from the lovely flower shop in London, Scarlet & Violet.

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Friday, June 12, 2009

CF Husband is our Father's Day Daddy

Hi Girlfriends, We are pleased to share with you our favorite pick for "Daddy" this Father's Day. This daddy writes a blog, "Confessions of a CF Husband" is our dream of a husband and father. As his wife, Tricia is equally an important Mommie, it is her husband, Nate, who earns all our kudos for this coming Father's Day.

Story line:

Nate married Tricia knowing of her Cystic Fibrosis condition. Outside of wanting to be married, Tricia also wanted a baby all of her life. She got both. Just before she was to enter Duke Hospital in NC, for lungs replacement, she learns she is pregnant. Along with the support of Duke and her husband and family, Tricia has Baby Gwyneth Rose. Both Mommie and infant are in ICU for quite a while, but eventually baby comes home and Mommie receives her new lungs. Recovery is slow and tedious, but the joy of Gwyneth is every reason for Tricia to survive. And, Nate to be there...full time.

Today, life is becoming "normal" for all three.

Gwen and I are grateful for the quality time Nate has accomplished in his loving care for his family. I took the following photos from his blog and I can't tell you how pleased to share these moving photos.

Happy Father's Day to Nate:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Robert Allen's Parisian Trim Collection

Hi Girlfriends,

Today it is all about the new eclectic trimming in the Parisian Trim Collection by Robert Allen. This collection is intermix with vintage designs, traditional motifs and luscious texture. Inspired by "the City of Lights", it has eleven versatile colorways being offered.

Gwen: These colorways range from neutrals to classic multi-colored combinations.

Denise: Robert Allen says, " Artful and inventive."

Gwen: I welcome this new collection and know it will be successful with every designer using them as their favorite trim resources.

Take a plain lamp from Home Goods, add Robert Allen Cascading Beads around the shade, buy a new finial and hang Robert Allen chair tassels and it's a designer look-!

Denise: Trims have many names. I have included, as a guide, the names under each Robert Allen trim:

Gwen: Aren't these Robert Allen Cascading Beads stunning?

Denise: These gorgeous Lattice Tassels are a must for my next project-!

We hope everyone has been inspired to think trim. All these trims can be purchased through us at our website too.

A+ blogg this week: Moggit Blogg. These two gals will make you smile the rest of the day as they "snark" about other designers works found in publishing materials. Really hysterical.

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Bye Plunkett Home Furnishings--Chicago area

Hi Girlfriends, Sadly, After 75 years of a family owned business, Plunkett Home Furnishings filed Bankruptcy Monday, June 1, 2009. The economy is a factor in every business today, but, this company knew how to survive since going through 1929. No, not the economy, but Irish Pride and Family Feud.

Denise: I talked to several reps (Marge Carson, Hooker and Eastern Accents) whose line of furniture or accessories sold to Plunkett's and they are "very sad."

Gwen: I am out of a job -! When CEO Hugh Plunkett handed out our letters last Thursday he singled out some of us in a personal manner. "Gwen, I will not miss you for you never learned to even wrap a lamp-!"

Denise: Mean.

Gwen: Yes, but his wife, Joan, was very nice to me. She gave me a martini glass with red dice in it. (Gwen's son is a partner in Lettuce Entertainment and oversees the restaurants in Las Vegas)

Denise: Do we dare tell what the CEO said personally to one female designer?

Gwen: You tell.

Denise: Nayyyy, it is too mean to repeat.

We hope John and his sister, Jamie Plunkett, both land on their feet and can begin to enjoy their families now that the stress is nearly over.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen