Monday, June 30, 2008

A Fabulous Dutch Ad

Hi Girlfriends,

Today begins a new month for us and we think, a good first month, with readers and bloggers alike.  We are still learning and will be for quite some time..........but, we mustn't forget our manners because we certainly wish to thank Mighty Girl for sending our comment to Google.....somehow, Karen from Alkemie for featuring my Louis XV chair in her Re-upholstered series beginning this week, and for Cote de Texas for reading our Sunday Funnies and commenting.  A whole lot of thanks to these 3 bloggers support. They all have GREAT style, talent, and energy--which makes their blogs such huge successes.

The following ad gets our attention every time we play it. It was sent to Denise in Jan. '08, including the wording, by her sister-in-law, Sharon  If, for some reason, it fails to open, try it yourself:


Click on the WEBSITE below & watch what happens. Of course, it has sound!
HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4,
1926, in Amsterdam . Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands.
HEMA also has stores in Belgium , Luxemburg, and Germany . In June of this
year, HEMA was sold to British investment company Lion Capital. Take a look at
HEMA's product page (click below). You can't order anything, and it's in Dutch, but
just wait a couple of seconds after it loads and watch what happens.

Click here: HEMA - online winkelen

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi Girlfriends,

On our website, discountdesigenrfabricsonline we hear about once a month from Girlfriend Bober. Designer fabrics is what we sell at low, low, low prices, but this inquiry is beyond putting on Reserve and sending a cutting.

name: Bober
yardage: 30
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Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Swingtown".... a Generation GapGap Later

Hi Girlfriends,

I had dinner Wednesday night at a nearby Magiano's, with two of my "LaLaSisters".  A silly name we easily began calling ourselves......... after we all started out together in a new franchise design studio.... only........the wrong place for all 7 of us.  Later, we learned we were all called "the bad people" by the owners, to their newbies.  We LaLaSisters already knew who were the "bad people" ...........from the moment we unpacked the first ugly lamp for display.  LOL

During dinner, I begin the conversation about the CBS summer hot, "Swingtown" pilot show-- which all happened back in the 70's here in Winnetka, Ill..  My 'sisters' looked blanked for even hearing about it.  I began by telling them about my phone conversation with my good friend Betsy.  If anyone reading this knows about what happens in households after a husband retires, you will be able to harmonize with my friend.

Denise:  "Hey, Betsy, You lived in Winnetka in the early 70's, right?"
Betsy: "Yes, why?"
Denise:  "Have you heard about the new summer show about Winnetka in the 70's starting this June?"
Betsy: "No."
Denise:  "Did you ever know about any couples swapping going on?"
Betsy:  "Sure did-!!  It was right around the time Lou's dad died."

Lou in the background and not knowing where this was ever going........."Dad died in 1974."

Denise: "Aaaaaaaaa  Betsy, how does that work with couples swapping?"
Betsy:  "Someone suggested Lou joined the Winnetka Community House Theater, as a stage carpenter, to help him recover."

Lou in the background........."Yup, I joined the theater group in 1974 and...yada, yada, yada."

By this time, I am thinking I want to say: "Either tell Lou to get on the phone too or tell him: "Looooooooouu take a walk!"

It turns out, the  Cast party, was held at The Winnetka Woman's Club.  This was because, one of the lead character's wife, was President of this club in 1974.  

United Airline Greeter:  "Hi Lou, Please throw your house key in the pile on the floor."
Betsy:  "Whaaaat???"
United Airline Greeter:  "Whatever husband picks up your key, he goes home with you for the night."
Betsy:  "Looooooooooou, We're out of here!"

My LaLaSisters were laughing so hard.  Not how I would have expected.....they, being a generation later, never were on the same page with me about 'couples swapping'.  Both began scenarios for using two of the lines, while at single bars in the city:

Signal to get rid of a guy:  "Looooooooooou, Take a walk!"
Signal to g.f.s it's time to leave:  "Looooooooooooou, We're out of here!"

Girlfriend Gwen is enjoying time off with her son and his family for awhile.

Talk again

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Antique Compacts

 1933 Chicago World Fair compacts


One of our girlfriends, Nancy, requested I do a close up of my 1920 - 30s compacts.  Over a period of time, my compact collection grew to 54.  By process of elimination, these are the ones I selected.

My collection began when I would visit my elderly mother in Pekin, Illinois.  As she took her afternoon naps, I would visit the antique shops in the downtown area.  My limit was buying nothing over $25.  I increased my limit when I was in the UK and I "had to have" I paid more.  

In selecting for my wall, I choose a little bit of everything from the past.  

For those who come to my house for parties and they guess my favorite, they get a "Compact Prize."

This is a very handsome compact with the original protective cover.  I call it the "Tree of Thank You."  A high school alumni was asking around if anyone had a hand held Garmin GPS he could buy.  I had one, never used.  We already had one in our car. I  sent him mine.  In return, he knew about my compact collection and went shopping-!!  Very thoughtful and a very welcomed gift.  This compact being  special, I leave it on a small easel in the powder room  when entertaining.

This is  Gwen's favorite-!!

This is the only compact I have ever seen with a watch and it works.  My daughter thought it was a Birth Control case-!!

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Monday, June 23, 2008

Marilyn Monroe 1995 Stamp Poster

Hi Girlfriends,  Not all of us live in a McMansion.  I live in a white Cape Cod house with a white picket fence. Curb appeal abounds.  So how does a Marilyn Monroe 1995 stamp poster fit in?  Now for the inside..........

Last year, we put on the smallest addition Winnetka Zoning Board has seen in the last 20 years. Pretty embarrassing to be in the same room at our Zoning Board meeting, with a very beautiful, but, very pregnant woman, looking flabbergasted for such a request. We were asking for  100 sq. feet and she was insisting on a 4 -car garage with additions on top of it-!!  

The compromise with my husband: He would get his "always wanted a wet bar" in the old coat closet, and Denise would have total say for the powder room.  LOL.

Please take a long look into my "Jewel Box". Barbara Berry mirror, Kohler Escale products, my final selection of 1920s compacts attached to black satin fabric as backing (Gwen's suggestion) in 5" x 5" silver brushed shadow boxes (- glass), the antique nickel plated sconces with the original carnival glass shades -- bought from a San Francisco movie theater before demolition, the 8" dia. crystal chandelier.........

Lastly, the one item that was never in this decorator's plans, became the focal point of the whole room. A Marilyn Monroe 1995 Stamp poster.

Back in 1995, I was mailing some packages at my Winnetka Postal Office. It was the year for the 32 cent Marilyn Monroe stamp.  While waiting in line, there she was, featured in a glass case, 20 x 24 poster.  By the time I reached the counter for service, I asked if her poster was available to buy.....anywhere.  I was given the Postmaster, who in a spiral notebook, started a page with my name being first and inform me, I would receive a call when they took down MM.  About 6 months later--  I had long forgotten my inquiry-- the phone rang.  My Postmaster didn't forget.......and if I didn't want it, they had a list of over 200 names who did want it.  I never moved so fast that day, as I made a bee line to my post office.  The Postmaster signed and stamped with an official postal stamp the date I picked it up too.

When we entertained, I would put MM in a hall bathroom tub with the curtain drawn.  It never failed.....someone would use the bathroom, peek behind the curtain and make a comment.  I would ring a bell and give them a fun wrapped gift.  For their 'sin' for peeking, the person would have to open the present before us all.

I thought for sure my husband would yip about this post office poster in the new powder room, but, like every man, he loves her.  For sure, the United States Postal Service could never have dreamed their slogan for the MM stamp would end up in a Powder room for all MANkind.

What I did hear, over and over, in the beginning was: "I banged my head on the chandelier again."  My response: "Then duck-!!" 

I love this room and I wouldn't change a thing...........

Please leave us a Comment
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 for a decorating idea 
you  solved

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Questions & Answer


Buying fine antique furniture to add luxury and character to your home can become an 'art' for the right spot.  One does not have to go to Paris, London, and Rome to search for treasures to adorn a home. Combing in one's own area, large antiques shops and small, out-of-the-way market stalls, can be equally satisfactory, when you find exactly the right piece.  Here are some tips we have learned along the way.........


  • How can I describe what I'm seeking?  
Denise:  Learn the terms before going.   An example: a bergere is a French-style armchair with exposed wood.  A deux-coprs armoire has two pieces. Gaffrage velvet is embossed.
  • How do I determine the scale of chairs for a room?  
Gwen: If it's not a comfortable seat height and depth for the average person, look for a quality reproduction, sized for today, instead.
  • Should I choose style and condition over surface?
Denise: If the piece wobbles, find a good furniture craftsman in your area who can bring it back to a structurally sound condition.

Gwen:  Yes, and if there's a little paint flaking off, don't worry: it adds character to the room.

Denise:  True, but.....leave the original finish: touch up only the most obvious flaws.
  • Why re-cover upholstered furniture in quality fabric and use only material that has a good "hand" (meaning how the fabric feels to the touch)?
Denise: Choose sturdy but luxurious hand-printed linens, needlepoint-tapestry weaves, sumptuous velvets, wool or antique leather.

Gwen: You can always add designer details such as pleats, nailhead trim, double welting, braids and covered buttons.

Lastly, Girlfriends,  buy a few quality gems (investments) rather than several mediocre pieces. Fine antiques with classic styling hold their value forever--as long as you take care of them.

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

If you are anxious to upholster grandma's chair and you know the 
 please click on our website for low, low pricing

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunday Funnies Page

Girlfriends, It's Sunday and that means it's time for our Sunday Funnies Page.......This one made us LOL til the tears rolled down our cheeks.........

In the "let's talk" box the client left this request without previously fillilng out: Vendor, Pattern or Color in "get a quote". When we sent back an email asking her for more information, she was "clueless"......... but concluded we could do the research for her-!! We have no FREE time to go to the show rooms w/o a $$$$$$ committment.......who does?

let's talk: " I will need 10 yards of a fabric I saw in a decorator's magazine (I forget which one) that has a landscape with three trees way in the distance and some cows and horses. Can you locate this designer fabric for me?"

Denise: If anyone knows of this fabric, you deserve the Indagatrix Award.

Have a great Sunday enjoying the outdoors today,
Denise & Gwen

margins.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

Girlfriends, This is å test.............not sure if this will work on your end, for we are still learning. We noticed a lot of great blog sites were signed up with so we did too. How does this relate to decorating tips.............we-ll it doesn't, but, creativity and a little side trip off the usual norm can't be all that dull on a week end. Right?

It's pretty ingenious to see how the states move from side to side on how the Primary voting actually took shape. This was taken from the NYTimes and it was done simple is CNN or the others had done this instead of those maps with colors for so and so.

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Palladian Window With Side Casements

Girlfriends, Mastervisions is the ultimate overlay product which "offers multiple solutions to the everyday challenges facing the window treatment professional."  says Sally Tucker, President.  So if any girlfriend has a difficult window, please let us know and we are sure this program will have your case we don't-!!

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen


Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Must Read Blog

Girlfriends, We learned something new today.  Gwen and I became aware that interior decorating isn't always found in one's home, but in one's heart too. In combing the best blogs in cyberspace today, we came across one that is worth passing on.......actually, many are worthy, but, for this one,  you will need a box of Kleenex.

A Must Read Blog: 
Confessions of a CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Husband

A wonderful true day-to-day love story of a husband and what he is going through, with his young 27 year old wife, who has CF (Cystic Fibrosis) and the need for two new lungs......only she is put on hold, when they learn she is pregnant, and she wants to keep her baby.  The photos will melt your hearts and I know, like us, you will continue to return for updates.

Confessions of a CF Husband is also up for being The Best Blog in 2008.  At the moment, the vote count is way ahead of any others..............

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

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Yes, We Do Floor Plans

Girlfriends, In one of our Comment areas,   Girlfriend Joann,   asked if we did Floor Plans.  Yes, Joann, we do.  Here's how to get started............

Measure the length and width of your room. Locate the position of the windows and doors on the perimeter walls as they correspond to the room you are working on.  Also, locate the positions of other architectural elements, such as fireplaces, cased openings, and columns.  Be sure to include existing telephone jacks, electrical wall and floor outlets, and heat registers, as these items will affect furniture placement.

Denise and Gwen:  "We ask you to go to our "get a quote"  at our website,
and  in the "let's talk" box
tell us about your project, leave your name, address, and phone number.

Denise: "We will contact you and let you know where to send your photos and measurements."

"We take $50.00 per room 
(That's a "Give-away" price too-!!)"

Gwen:  "Yes, and personal checks only for Floor Planning"

Please leave a Comment if this was a helpful posting......ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Girlfriends,  Too many of our website clients are entering their email address wrong.  This results in one thing:  It deprives us from helping you with a quote and continuing any further communication with you.  We don't want to appear negligent to you, but a wrong email address gives us no option. To avoid this problem, please re-read your email and our service to you will be returned very quickly.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Patsy's Next Queston

Girlfriends, It's back to my cousin's next question she wanted to ask yesterday:

Patsy: "Ok, then why should I pay more for designer fabrics if I can find fabrics cheaper at a discount store?"

Gwen:  I get this question a lot...........because it is a common misconception that the more costly the fabric and who the show room is, the better the service it will give.  This is only partially true.  However, middle-range fabrics can vary in quality according to such factors as the fiber's quality.

Denise:  "You see, Patsy and Girlfriends, other factors are taken into account too...........the yarn's sturdiness, the weave's density, tightness, stability, and the textile's finishes all come into play."

Gwen: "High-end (expensive) fabrics often are durable because of the quality of the fiber, the weave, and so on, but they may be fragile if they are specialty fabrics (for example, fine silk)."

Patsy:  "So how does your website work over discount sites?"

Denise: " We have very little over-head.  No store front.  No inventory. No house calls to make.  No trips to show rooms either.  All our Girlfriends do their own work, THEN, contact us through "get a quote" page.  Let's say, you saw a fabric on a window treatment in Traditional Home and you just knew it was right for your hubby's study.  Towards the back of all magazines is a Reader's Resource that will give you all the information you need: VENDOR, PATTERN and COLOR.  Fill out our easy form and hit "SEND".  We send you our low, low, low pricing."

Gwen:  "Also, we can send you a cutting while your fabric is on Reserve for 10 days"

Patsy:  "That's simple.   

Gwen: "Yes, We only work through the show rooms.  Never will we buy discounted fabrics through mills because they are inferior bolts."

Denise:  "Correct.  Discount stores who buy directly from the mills already know they have been rejected by show rooms."

Patsy: "But these discount stores mark them as "First Quality"

Denise:  "Duh?  That's because they look better than their "Second Quality".  It's all an advertising gimmick to fool the consumer.    

Patsy:  In other words, show room designer fabrics could be called, "Prime Quality."

Denise and Gwen:  "Right on-!!"  

Talk again.......and Thank you Patsy for your questions,

Denise and Gwen


Monday, June 16, 2008

Question & Answer Time

Hi Girlfriends,

Denise: I was chatting with my favorite cousin today, Patsy.  She overloaded me with questions about this blog.  Mainly, it's about "Service, Patsy." 

First, let me tell you something about Patsy.  She retired this past January after 30 years with United Way (Illinois). Literally, from soup to nuts, Patsy made it into a huge success here in Illinois.  Retirement to this 100% Irish woman is making the Dean's List at Northwestern Law School this past semester at age 78-!!  With Patsy's 50 some years of business experiences, you bet the students were taking notes  from her experiences than the law professors all semester. Who else in the class has met more Presidents and Senators, and famous/infamous wealthy business men than Patsy?  

One story she shared was how in '98, Springfield, Ill., for the Governor's Breakfast,  one keynote speaker became unavailable. A young "wet-behind-the-ears"  senator stepped up to the plate in this absentee's spot. Patsy was sweating buckets, for she had never heard of him.  But, when he spoke, she was blown away by his easy mannerism and eloquence in speaking.  She never forgot him......nor have we today. Sen. Barack Obama.

Patsy: "Why do "To-the-trade" designer fabrics cost more than if I went to Calico Corners?"

Denise: "We-ll Patsy, no comparison.  Fiber, yarn, fabric construction, coloring, and finishing."

Gwen:  "The purpose of lovely fabrics is to stimulate awareness and deepen the appreciation of visual beauty.  No price can be put on joy, the satisfaction, and even the thrill of living with or seeing stunning fabrics."

Denise:  "However, if every fabric in an interior is "fabulous" the effect may well be overwhelming or perhaps pretentious."

Gwen:  "That is why, I tell my clients a background fabric often are needed, to provide a handsome contrast for an exquisite fabric piece."

Denise:  "I agree, and I always keep window treatments in mind to create successful combinations that use the fabric budget wisely and to the best advantage to create a beautiful interior."

Girlfriends, as you want high end for beauty and long lasting, you can't beat low, low, low pricing from show rooms and not inferior bolts for discount stores.

Patsy:  "Ok, then why should.............."

Denise: " Patsy, We are out of time and will answer your question for another day."  '-'

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Girlfriends, From time to time we get on our website, in "get a quote" tag, inquiries that help relieve our daily stress of obtaining for you low, low, low quote prices, emailing Invoices and filling orders to you as quicker as possible.  Gwen and I did recognize the words "" ........... we had a good laugh that someone took the time to be so accurate in all the other areas.  So, here is our our first "Sunday Funnies":  

name: ndhfotmxb ulithr
vendor: ndhfotmxb ulithr
pattern: ndhfotmxb ulithr
color: ndhfotmxb ulithr
yardage: ndhfotmxb ulithr
talk: hjnifl cprbumyj tvgmradj ghlmkbexo yhulks pjuhqildz admtvpfb


Happy Father's Day 

to all the men 
 your lives

Talk again,

Denise & Gwen

Friday, June 13, 2008


Girlfriends, From time to time we will be posting what's new and interesting from the world of interiors. Today, being Friday the 13th, here is one of those times ......These antique door handles once adorned the interior of a Rajasthani palace in the the 1900s. The opulent designs use handmade glass, solid brass and have a pewter finish.

Gwen: Gorgeous. I have one client in mind already. So, Denise, don't hold back, do tell all our girlfriends where to buy these stunning handles........and if affordable.

Denise: Gwen, I am laughing, because I already can guess who your client is and they will make a grand statement at her door too. I found these on my last trip to the UK at Guinevere Antiques. They have a colorful collection of these salvaged handles on sale, starting around today's USA dollars about $200.00 ea. The good news is girlfriends you can visit their website,

We will talk again.
If you have any questions, please leave them in the Comment area and we will gladly respond.

Denise & Gwen

website for low, low pricing "To-the-trade" designer fabrics:

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Girlfriends, How simple is this sheer treatment?-!!

Denise:  "This elegant design was hung with 9- 4.25D" tiebacks and with glass beaded trimming running down the side. (Robert Allen extending from the wall above the 2-story arch."
Gwen:  "G.F.s One important hint is always use an "odd" number of tiebacks when doing this treatment.  Better on the eye movement."
Denise: " Oooooo but please understand g.f.s, this treatments for arched windows are more costly to construct or fabricate than those for straight-top windows."
Gwen:  "Excellent reminder.....have your measurer measure from the center of the top of the arch.  It's all about yardage."
Denise:  Yes, measure twice cut once.  

Denise is going to 'jaywalk' here and say............remember to watch "Swingtown" 9P Chicago time tonight......the bases for this summer steamer was real-!!

Talk again

Denise & Gwen

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stunning Palladian Window Treatment

Hi Girlfriends,

Isn't this a fabulous soft treatment to your Palladian window? The good news is , not much more fabric and trim is needed. Adding a rod, brackets and finials just complete the entire look.

Denise: "Once this treatment is measured and sewn to correct specifications, the result is successful."
Gwen: "Yes, but, make sure the measurer calculates the stackback."
Denise: " Uh, Gwen, explain "stackback" to our girlfriends."
Gwen: "Stackback is the area needed by opened draperies to stack off the glass."
Denise: " This would give maximum daylight exposure and better proportion of the window because the glass is fully exposed too."
Gwen: "What really adds to the room is the richer, fuller look and a quieter interior due to increased fabric yardage surrounding the glass. Also, I have done this treatment many times in Dupioni silk and I can't tell you how fabulous the look is. So rich looking.........simply stunning.

One 'secret' we have is, we have resources for you to contact in your area for measuring and installation. If you choose to use Dupioni silks, we can get this to happen at a much lower pricing then if you went through someone on your end. By leaving a "Comment" or going to our website,, we can begin to help you.

Talk later,
Denise & Gwen

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



discount designer fabrics


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Low, low, low pricing on
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Talk again.............
Denise & Gwen

Denise:  Credit to these 2  "ladies" were scanned from a very old promotional ad by Tiffany & Co.  Thanks to "IWEB" magazine June 2008 issue, I found a blog site that interested me.  Today I went into it and found artist the artist, Sujean Rim. This artist appears a lot on blog, dailycandy,  too.  I am thrilled to begin the process of following Sujean Rim's career.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Tiebacks Are In

Girlfriends, The right execution in your window treatments is DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS.  

Gwen: Tiebacks soften a room with curved lines and provide a pleasant diversion from the stiff angular lines of most window architecture.
Denise:  I find the exact placement of the tie on the panel is a matter of individual sensitivity and discretion, but should fall somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 of the way from the top or the bottom of the treatment.
Gwen: True, but girlfriends, any tied back should not drop closed at night; they are "trained" to fall in a progressive diagonal arrangement.
Denise:  Exactly, and they will not hang straight if dropped.
Gwen:  If this is done.....heaven forbid......the effort necessary to hand dress the folds back into place is time-consuming too-!!
Denise: Girlfriends, when your treatments are up, remember, your work is done.

Kravet is a fabulous source for tiebacks and then go to our website and order at low, low pricing.  

Denise & Gwen