Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent, "It's now or never" Auction

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The "razzle-dazzle" still continues after Oscar night.........Beginning last night, in the city of lights, a 3-day auction by Christie, is conducting the sale of Yves Saint Laurant's Paris apartment. YSL died last June at 71.

Even in these parious, penurious times, this sale hopes to bring in $250 to $380 million. In all, there are over 690 lots being sold in the range from stunning to the mundane.

The excitement is built in part by the fashion designer himself, YSL, the other part is he and his partner, Pierre Berge, collected some beautiful art and artifacts during their decades together. As a couple, they "overstuffed" their 55 Rue de Babylone on the left bank with with a large number of high-quality objects and art works, like Matisse, Picasso, art decor, German silver and bronze and Limoges enamals, "which were not in vogue when they bought them." As people fill the city's fancier hotels and grand parties are being hosted throughout Paris, the biggest expectations mounting is the fact these some of YSL items have not been on the market for a very long time, which is signaling to musuems and private clients, "It's now or never."

Can you find the most valuable piece in the sale?

"Musical Insruments on a Table" Picasso from 1914 -15

I love the rug-!!

A cleaning lady's nightmare for dusting. But, I do admire YSL knack for shopping "stuff"

"Portrait of the Comtesse de La Rue," by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, hung in YSL living room.

The detail of the carving on this frame is remarkable.

YSL used up every available space in his Paris apartment. If I had been a visitor, it would take me days to take in his entire abode, but, I would have instantly found the Matisse, Mondrians and Legers where ever YSL would have placed them.

A closer look at Matisse.

"Portrait of Alfred and Elisabeth Defreus," Theodore Gericault above and "The Violin," by Juan Gris, center.

"The Adoration of the Magi," a tapestry by Edwrad Coley Burne-Jones, woven in 1904.

A large Roman marble athlete's torso, first to second century A.D.

The "Music Room" with 15 mirrors by Chaude Lalanne in gilt bronze and galvanized copper. Notice the mirror on the ceiling too.

Photos by Christy and New York Times from an article written by Steven Erlanger and Maia de la Baume, contributed reporting.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Academy Awards Stages...a Kodak moment.

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Can you believe it?-!! It's The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Science this Sunday, February 22. As a kid, I was mesmerized as I watched the production of yards and yards of the most exquisite fabrics floating across the stage to accept the coveted little gold man. Gowns worn by the most beautiful....and glamorous....stars: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Ave Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Betty Davis, and Natile Wood to name a few. The stages did not appear to be such a big deal in the beginning, but, after MC Bob Hope "resigned" stage did become a production for this ritual event.

This year's stage will be a "WOW" stage. Designed by David Rockwell. Among his many credits of achievements, David knows this building very well. HE designed it. "The Oscars have given Mr. Rockwell, a Hollywood outsider, who claims not to own a pair of sunglasses (I'm from New York, I squint."), the chance to reinvent the theater he designed." Color scheme this year is going to be a rich, deep blue....goodbye red, fluted chandeliers "hover above the audience to give the impression...presto-!!...of a low-ceiling nightclub." Hmmmm, David Rockwell may own a pair of sunglasses yet.

One thing is for sure, Oscar Night does give you one advantage as you watch this year's stage extravaganza unfold ...everyone is a critic.

1944 at Graumans Chinese Theater

Can you find Bob Hope in this 1953?

The 41st Academy Awards 1969

The Stage from the 2002 Academy Awards

Is that Jennifer Garner as one of the presenters in the Kodak Theater 2008?

Sunday, February 22, 2009 designed by Architect David Rockwell, NY.

Photos by The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Science and Monica Almeida, New York Times.

If you have a favorite "Kodak Moment" stage, please leave a Comment.

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Denise & Gwen

Gwen's son, Michael, was Manager of the restaurant in The Chandler Building and oversaw all the parties during Oscar Night at this spot. Michael now is a partner in Lettuce Entertainment and works out of Las Vegas.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Changing is easy....Paint-!!

Hi Girlfriends,

Right now, it's snowing in Chicago.....big flakes too. Is Spring ever coming? Besides Costco homemade Chicken noodle soup (excellent with your own addition of sliced carrots and celery and more noodles) and crusty breads for dinner tonight, I am moving towards painting a few projects. Just scroll and see what I have found from Crown paint (UK company), but, of course here in America, Benjamin Moore, Lowe's or Home Depot offer the same color schemes (to name a few). In additon to the color schemes, it is what the English do so well with limited space...........being creative for so little-!!

Change is easy........the fun part of painting is getting inspired. Begin by collecting all of your favorite colors schemes and photos. Here is a helping hand to get you started:

Not all walls need to have pictures on it. Look at how simple, simple, simple this concept is to display your most favorite (and expensive) Prada shoes, handbags, etc. Detailing all with the usage of color scheme here.

What a perfect crash layout this would be for any single girl in her first home-away-from-home. Ingenious design for any studio apt...............or.........a teenager's space-!!

This shows how the weekend project was in the makings. Looks easy enough.

Perfect for any mud room. The clean concept of red/white/blue will keep this room always looking neat.

One reason to not throw out postal cards from your traveling friends and relatives. Flea markets sell vintage cards too. The clean and simple logo of the phone states the purpose of this wall.

The finished project.

What to do with an ugly table...............paint it pink and it will be a smashing success for any little girl's bedroom.

Who but a creative person would even think to turn over any press glass and "see" the artistic beauty of the bottom THEN transferring the bottom into a design?!!

This kitchen is what got me thinking about projects for this post. Love the "point" for measuring kids and dogs. Note the shades of paints too.

Logos for a message board? I love it.

I love the color scheme of 3 different paints and find myself wanting to peek behind the door too. I would never want to close this door.

What is not to love and it invites everyone to envy the artistic flair that lives in this home.

In the beginning..............

Finished project.
Such an inviting "private" domain for someone very organized. Note the shades of paint and how they compliment each other. Very well done.

Numbers and letters seem to play very well in some of these photos. Clueless what "5b" stands for, but, I am delighted with the way it works so well with this sharp design and color scheme. I think it is the white....then, the add-on colors.

I saved my FAVORITE for last. What a perfect concept for a boy's room or a single crash pad. Also, no need to throw out those expensive jeans anymore. Even on a laundry room wall, this idea would be great.

I hope you enjoyed my posting today. Do lyou have a favorite photo from above? If so, please tell me your by leaving a Comment.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"Borrowed" (LOL) from the blog post by cmay @ Maison21.com

Hi Girlfriends,

I love what two California male decorators from Maison21 have done to this Entrance treatment for many reasons: It's simple, but yet, a "hint" busy........... a punch of bright color and "movement" in the background*, subdued by the graceful reminder of a deer with just the right POP of zebra fabric.

*To learn how the wall treatment was custom made, a visit to their blog tells all.

Enjoy winter by thinking of what you can do for your Entrance-!!

Oh..............did everyone receive their last issue of "domino" ? I did and I couldn't have been more disappointed.....they sent me February again-!! RATS. I have all their issues beginning with the very first issue and was hoping to put their last one, along with all my others, in wall frames for a special wall in my office. I am looking at my local stores and have yet to find the March issue.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Kravet Bedding

Hi Girlfriends,

I love Valentine's Day when it comes and goes...........with all the reds, hearts, roses, and chocolate available to the eye from magazines to blogs, to stores. It stimulates me to want to begin fresh AFTERWARDS with new inspirations of fresh paint and fabrics for clients or myself-!! " Color is the key" to the cutting-edge that compliments the decor trends and taste of today.

If you have lingering doubts as to whether this is the right time to remodel, decorate or wait, the timing is now. Despite the prevailing pessimism, you are inspired from the many magazines you are leafing through over this long winter.

It is time...........one good place to begin is your master bedroom. Change the wall coloring? New bedding? New window treatments?

Kravet Headboard and Fabrics:
Product Id's:
Madrigal bed: 37Q/N02
Headboard Fabric: Tranquil in Mineral - #27962 - 635
Top pillow:
Top-Calm Place in Mineral-#27757-615
Bottom: Clarity in Aqua-#27831-35
Trim: Petite Piping in Spa-#T30305-135
Middle pillow:
Top: Rhythm in Blue Stone-#27773-635



Use any fabric from the Kravet Basics Textures - Performance Colors four book set and apply it to a piece of Kravet upholstery and you will only be charged for the price of the frame.


*FREE FABRIC PROMOTION only applies to fabrics included in the collection - 5748 Domno, 5749 Surf, 5750 Pompeii, 5751 Acorn.

*All fabrics in this collection are at a Grade 3 (Grade 3 is the frame-only price)

*Any manufacturing upgrades will be charged accordingly.

If you are "Optimistic" about the value of this fabulous offer, post your comment below. If you are remotely interested, become a client.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day-!!

Hi Girlfriends,

If you are a looking for both a romantic and economic centerpiece this Valentine's Day, look no further........."this classic romantic, Valentine's Day can not be complete without candlelight and roses. You can combine the two in a glowing centerpiece that will warm any heart".

How to look:
Place a tealight, along with a holder, in the center of any type of a larger container. Raise it up so that the top of the holder sits highter than the rim of the larger container. Fill the empty space in the box with rose petals. Petals can be purchased at florists or paper ones at a party store. Simple, simple.........elegant.

Can't forget the sweetest of littlest hearts in your life.................I love this charming little girl's pink sleeping area. The corner twin bed and still have a canopy by attaching any type of straight rod to the middle of the wall and draping soft pink floral fabric from Osborne & Little. Add futher color acccents such as a rug and a Laura Ashley chandelier. Sweet, sweet..........sweet dreams.


Did you know that Valentine's Day actually began with a prison ministry?

In the year A.D. 320, the early church set aside February 14th to remember the heroic death of one man named Valentine, who was beheaded on a pagan altar because he refused to renounce JESUS CHRIST!

According to historic traditions, Valentine was born into a wealthy Roman family, and converted to CHRISTIANITY as a young man, sometime around the year A.D. 240.

It was an era when the church was being severely persecuted by the degenerate Roman emperor, Claudius II. Thousands of Christians were imprisoned in the dark, tomb-like jails of Rome.

Wealthy Romans of the time considered it "entertainment" to visit the prisons and watch as Christians were tortured and put to death.

Valentine took advantage of his family connections to visit the prisons, too....BUT he made it his mission to smuggle in small gifts of food to those facing martyrdom, always accompanied by a short note expressing love and encouragement. Valentine, a devout and strong' hearted Christian, was eventually arrested himself and was martyred in Rome about A.D. 270.

Though the roots of this holiday are largely forgotten, St. Valentine's ministry of love and caring is still commemorated today, more then 1.700 years later.

On Valentine's Day, share this important history with your children...and enjoy a little "ministering" together by delivering Valentine's Day treats to a local nursing home or hospital. Children are never to young to show love and generosity.

Happy Valentine's Day and Talk again,

photos from housetohome.co.uk

Custom Bedding Measurements

Hi Girlfriends,

Here is an email I sent to an "Online client" regarding how she go about measuring for her custom bedding.

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