Tuesday, July 17, 2012


CREATING A BEAUTIFUL WINDOW treatment that meets the right specifications of any project is all about making the right choices.

Too many times the wrong decisions are made because lack of understanding what direction the room project is facing. Below is my simple guide to how important North, South, East and West are in how window treatments will be facing.  Then, comes color.  Staying away from blues if your window is facing North, is a good idea in - zero weather.  How hot is hot? If you are thinking of wanting your South window treatment to be cascading in yellow fabric, project ahead, as the temperature outside climbs past 100 degrees?


THE direction your windows face tells you a lot about what they should be wearing.

NORTH: The clearest, most consistent light and coldest exposure.  Energy-efficient treatments are a smart option.

SOUTH: Good light year-round, casting a warm glow on interiors.  Light-diffusing treatments can help protect fabrics, furniture and rugs.

EAST: Warm, bright light, especially in the morning.  Treatments that block harmful UV rays are a good choice.

WEST: The hottest, haziest light of the day.  One or a combination of light-diffusing treatments are highly recommended.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Classic Chair Goes Contemporary

Hi Girlfriends,  My hiatus has been too long and I do hope to do better.  

Are you on Pinterest yet?  It's a wonderful site to be on and you meet so many interesting people who have so much talent and interests.  I never imagined such diversity in every board... created by talented individuals, who can express themselves with their own taste and style.  I am addicted to Pinterest!.  What I love is how one board can be all about "Polka dots" as another will be "Toile".  It's the Board naming them yourself where the real person "shines" wisthin themselves.  As for the individual boards the possibilities are INFINITY!

Look what I found and pinned on Pinterest!


This is my favourite chair of the moment!  A seriously eye-catching Louis style armchair with fabulous colourful stripy upholstery.  Pink, white, green and purple - the stripes both contrast and match at the same time giving it a wonderful contemporaray appeal.  The frame is glossy black and is framed by chunky brass studs.  This is a statement chair that will never fail to get a mention!

Talk soon,

Classic Chair Goes Contemporary

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scalamandre Says "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"



Monday, November 14, 2011

Costco Cookbook 2011 Debut

Hi Girlfriends,   Each year, Costco hands out free, to each customer, the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING, their own published cookbook.  Their cookbooks feature fantastic recipes using Costco products. Included in them are recipes from some of our favorites: Ina, Giada, buttermustadd Paula, Sandra Lee and Christopher Kimball. Ironically, back in November 2009, I blogged Costco's 2009, "Home Cooking, the Costco Way."  On this blog, I featured one recipe, which I have repeatedly made since.  

Fast forwarding..............

In early 2011, Costco Connection, ran a contest asking for customers to submit a favorite recipe which they love and use, from previous Costco cookbook years. The winners would be featured in THIS Novemember's Costco Cookbook 2011.(HINT: Only passed out the day after Thanksgiving...because they run out fast!) This year, 2 entries, from the Chicago area won. One gal from Naperville with a fish dish and the other winner..............ME!! 

To be selected amongest so many was exciting, and then, along knocks a professional Chicagoland photographer, to photo me in my gallery size kitchen. Before the knock, it took me days to "de-cluttter" then, "stage" my kitchen (thanks to the knowledge from following blogger, Maria Killam, Colour Me Happy forever) and all the time I was pondering over what to wear. 

Here is my winner.  Hope it becomes your winner too!*

*I use Peppermint ice cream & add fresh mint as a decoration

Talk soon and Happy Thanksgiving, 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Think Chocolate

This is not FABRICS.  Wonderful chocolate artists created this exotic costume out of chocolate!  Made for The  Chocolate Show at the Metropolitan, NY.

Sorry for my latent absence.  No excuses...........unless you accept, "the dog ate my computer".  But if you are needing designer fabrics at affordable pricing please contact me through my discountdesignerfabricsonline.com.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Where's The Fabric?

What is wrong with this picture?


If you are going to have your house photo for advertising... 

Remember 2 things:

B.  Hire a professional photographer 

Talk soon,


Friday, July 1, 2011

Liberty of London

I am off to London and Paris for a few weeks.  First, stop is going to be Liberty of London.  The "quintessential English Emporium," Liberty has been around for 135 years.  This fabric is synonymous with luxury and a great design.  For everyone who loves fabrics, Liberty is the leading destination store in London, a wonderful emporium, where the latest fashions sit alongside design classics.
I would love to help decorate a bedroom of Liberty of London fabrics for you.  All you need to do is select your fabrics and contact me through my website.  It is that easy-!

REAL reason for going to UK...............and R&R in Paris

One very special stop off will be,  Cambridge University, attending a wedding.  The happy couple met while both were on a Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship here.  It is going to be an exciting time for this young couple to have their relatives and friends coming from America and Australia.  A memorable time for all attending the Dr. Rebecca Voorhees & Simon Bryne Wedding.

Talk soon,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A FairyTale Coming True: April 29, 2011

Follow the Royal Blue Road__________________

Kate is beaming as she does last minute wedding shopping



APRIL 29, 2011


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mohair Fabric for Draperies and Upholstering

Mohair fabric was orgininally produced for the seating of thrones and the carriages of nobility.  It is known as the fabric of Kings and Sultans.  A soft luxurious fabric with great durability for a long lasting product. Mohair is sensuous, sleek and very much a realistic approach to a more urban environment for homeowners searching for "au natural."

It is a silk-like fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat.  It is known for it's high luster.  Also, being warm, durable and highly insulating.  Originally of Arabic origins, it was introduced in England by Charles V in the 1849.  As a decorating fabric, mohair is valued for its flame-resistance, and high sound absorbency.  Thus, mohair drapes are efffective insulators, keeping heart in during the cold weather (especially this winter) and a great barrier against outside hot temperatures in summer.
Think mohair fabric for reupholstering a sofa, chair and simple pleated elongated side panels for an elegant window treatment.

If you are looking to make your house a home, remember to order your fabrics through me.

Talk again,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Think RED On Feburary 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are a few reminders of what red can do for you today:

 Jennifer Lopez dining room

 Raspberry Macarons

1920's Valentine

Fabrics: Kravet

Amore, Denise

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank You Brunschwig & Fils

Brunschwig & Fils 
has been one of the premier showrooms for every designer.  
Their fabrics are breathtaking.  
I thank you Brunschwig Fils
 for giving your clients the opportunity to create
beautiful designer living rooms and so much more.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

discountdesignerfabricsonline Wishing You A Happy Holiday 2010

Seasons Holidays to one and all.........and looking forward to making your house a home in 2011-!!
Winnetka, Illinois

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ashley Whhittaker Clean Look

I love how Ashley Whittaker can make a room look so clean-!  She mingles just enough "eye" textures and accessories to keep a  room interesting.  Of course, the solid upholstery fabrics are a must-!!

Contact discountdesignerfabrics.com for your fabrics wants to make your house a home in 2011.

A la prochaine,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Flat Screem w/Surround ArtWork

I found this terrific photo on one of my favorite blogs written by Maria Killam, Colour Me Happy. Maria has an" eye" for color and shares everything she "sees." Who wouldn't love this creative arrangement of art above the flat screen-!! It's a fabulous way to make your TV look like a piece of art too-! What is best of all, we all have photos, a mirror or two, artwork waiting to be hung and Grandmother's China Platter that can all come together to be worked in with a flat screen . Note the different dark frames of various sizes with a "slight" hint of a few natural ones..............and the color of the wall.

I just love it-!!

Talk again,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marsh Magic In Low Country......Brays Island Plantation, Sheldon, SC.

Today, I was reading Ragland Hill Society blog and came across a fabric not familiar to me, Rogers & Goffigan.  I googled the fabric's name and learned even more by clicking suggested links. To my surprise, I came across a stunning interior project by Atlanta's Buckhead interior designer Suzanne Kasler. The more I studied her classical inspiring rooms, soft palettes and comfortable spaces, I kept thinking I knew this house. I was right-!!  This stunning home is on Brays Island, Sheldon, SC. over looking the Pocotaligo River. Breathtaking homes. Breathtaking retreat.  

Brays Island is a former rice plantation, developed in the late 1980's and now has over 300 magnificent custom built homes with amenities for owners and their guests to play: golf, sporting clays, small bird hunting, fly fishing, boating, animal kennel, Brays own conservation society from fish to butterflies, and paddocks for homeowners horses. While there over the early Spring the new owner (wife) and her mother were having lunch in the main club house.  O how lucky she is to own such a spectcular house. 

By switching out some darker pillows for lighter ones, a whole new look comes about.


FOR THE DINING ROOM the designer kept many of the fine furniture and accessories from the previous owners and added the wonderful leather chairs to go with the kitchen stools.  

Yes, this is a beautiful home created by fine Atlanta architects and a gifted interior designer.......and with "to the trade" designer fabrics this home is even more spectacular. If you come across a fabric in a magazine, know it will look right for your next project, please contact me for a fantastic price reduction.

A la prochaine,

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

IKAT Fabrics For Fall-!!

Hi Girlfriends, First, I hit a remarkable milestone for my website in August. Since I began in 2007, I have received 1,000,000 visitors with requests. I was....and still am...very excited-!! Economy crunch or what, serious homeowners still know that "To the trade" designer fabrics do make a difference in making their house a home. Thanks for all your past support and may we both grow together in the future.

Second, Whenever I get lots of request for one kind of fabric or color, I know "something" is in the wind with fashion. Nothing is more truer than IKAT fabrics. Now, even I am dreaming of this timeless fabric pattern with the possibility of doing a small love seat in my family room in ikat too.

IKAT (e - kot) means "to bind." It is a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven. Villagers in Thailand, take the weft (crosswise filling threads) and tie tiny bits of plastic onto the treads. The tightly tied areas of thread, when put into the dye pot, resist the color and create a pattern, once the plastic ties are removed. Traditional ikat cottons are often indigo-dyed in lively and engaging motifs representing the village life and beliefs of the people. Modern ikats come in cotton, linen and silks which are brightly colored with good imported chemicals or natural dyes.

What makes ikat fabric differ from other fabrics is in the woven by hand on narrow looms in a labor - intensive process. Easy to identify because there patterns look the same on both sides of the fabrics..........in other words, no right or wrong side of the cloth.

A hint: Dry Cleaning HIGHLY recommended.

Ikat endless possibilities from runways to accessorities to upholstering to bedding to draperies to even carpet:

runwaydaily.com, blog.hgtv.com, lotushaus.typedpad.com, elledecor.com

Look what ABC has to offer in carpet-!!

Kravet knows....................ikat fabrics with over 208 fabrics from their designers collections.

Sorry, I lost the info on these two beautiful ikat fabrics. '-'

Always count on Scalamandre to show ikat with stunning matching companions.

Sami ikat / 26737 and companion Uppsola / 26738

Think about including this wonderful fabric in your Fall project. REMEMBER.........although very expensive, due to labor intensity, contacting me for a low, low price.

A la prochaine,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Heat Is Here-!

Just wanted to say, "Hi Girlfriends-!" and hope you are all keeping cool. I attempted to do a post on Ikat fabrics, but the heat is melting my brain. I will return...later.......on Ikat fabrics.

Keep cool......and please remember to check on your elderly love ones and neighbors,


Sunday, July 4, 2010

WE THE PEOPLE......JULY 4, 2010

Parades, backyard picnics and fireworks make for a wonderful celebration in America. Beginning with the American Revolution to the Civil War to our Commander-in-Chief for the freedom we all have today.

Happy JUlY 4th-!!

Red, White, and Blue ,


Monday, June 21, 2010

What Makes This Room Work?

With a refreshing color palette and sharp dressmaker details ( a good workroom), you can transform your bedroom into a cool, comfortable retreat with a fabric that is AFFORDABLE.


A "to the trade" fabric of chinoiserie toile. The color pops to feel new and right for this room.

Bold scale. A smaller-scale toile would look country, while this looks more sophisticated and dramatic.

The settee. It reiterates the main fabric and also serves as a bench for pillows, blankets, clothes, etc.

Plenty of white. On the walls, headboard, linens, lamps, mirror, and even prints framed with wide white mats in simple white frames, it lessens the intensity of the intricate toile pattern.

A sea grass carpet. It adds neutral texture.

BEDROOM BASICS: Avoid clutter where ever you can. One way is to invest in a good nightstand to store some of the smaller items, like a kleenex box.

T.Keller Donovan, designer.
Scalamandre fabric: 11111-006, silk
other colors: Beige, yellow, coral, fern, aqua, black

This fabric does come in linen too, but with only 4 colors: beige, green, coral and blue.

Please contact me if you are interested in this fabric......or any fabric.........for a great price-!

A la prochaine,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Daddy Cares / Edgar A. Guest

Edgar Albert Guest (1881 - 1959) came to America at age 10 and by age 14, he was working as a copy boy, then reporter for the Detroit Free Press. His first poem appeared December 11, 1898. He became known as "The Poet of the People." Most of his poems have motivational messages.

Girlfriends, this poem is truly a "gift" to understanding our Dads feelings for us. My grandfather
Whalen, Charleston, Illinois, on Christmas morning 1922, gave this to his six daughters. In 1911, their father became "Mr. Mom" upon the death of his wife who was trying to recover from Tuberculosis. He never remarried.

The mounting and frame are original by C. B. Muchmore of Charleston. By the time I remembered it and could read, it was on his bedroom wall amongst other handmade poems by his daughters.

.............................Click on photo to read in larger print.....................

Copy Right 1922 by The Buzza Co, Minneapolis, USA D5562

Happy Father's Day to all Dads.

Dad, if you are looking down on your children today, know that I love you and think of you more and more as the years go by.......................


Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Lately, I have been getting inquiries for CONRAD SHADES. One webclient has been dreaming of owning Weave #1 for 10 years-! OK, it's time to take that giant leap and buy them. CONRADS are not for the "bargain hunters." They ARE expensive. Whenever I am in a client's home who says she wants CONRAD SHADES I ask for her budget......just for CONRADS. Depending on the windows sizes, up front, it is wise to estimate so your client either still wants them or moves on to fabrics. Let's say IF a window is 48W x 60L a ballpark will cost RETAIL anywhere from $1400 and up (optionals).

Why are CONRADS so expensive? They have earned it. Though the art of CONRADS are intricate, the materials are simple. After the fibers are nature grown, the materials are harvested, sundried on the beaches, and hand-tied by the villagers, they are bundled off to other parts of the Far East to be handwoven. All this is labor intensity. There is no substitute.

What makes them stand out is the look for passion, elegance and superb craftsmanship. CONRAD offers roman shades, custom drapery, cornices, a Sliding Panel Shade System, and a line of drapery designed for outdoors living spaces.

Fortunately, BP isn't in these remote far east countries to do any damage and CONRAD SHADES can grace your home.

Weave No. 1732, Safari was voted as Interior Design's Best of Year Award. Is it no wonder?-!!

Here are two elegant designed window coverings with CONRAD. This tells you how a simple shade can work with not only a designer chair but also right along with your grandmother's victorian dining room chairs too.

Weave No. #1822 is hand-tied fibers in modulations of green and grey which lends an atmosphere of tranquility. Love the sheerness.

#1744 is inspired by the vivid beauty of the equestrian sport. This new Dressage weave has a sumptuous silky look and feel created by closely interweaving narrow stand strands of fibers suffused in a rich mix of chestnut, black and Palomino.

Weave No. 1718 is a sophisticated and exquisitely sheer ivory grasscloth.

Weave No. 1602 looks warm with these reeds richly-colored fiber strands evoking the play of light and shadow. Perfect for kitchens-!

Discountdesignerfabricsonline.com sells CONRAD SHADES. First, already have a quote, then, contact me. Remember this, THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. Absolutely. But, how much is the question between your quote and mine.

A la prochaine,