Monday, November 30, 2009

"Home Cooking" THE COSTCO WAY #8

Hi, I look forward to "Black Friday" for one reason only. After finding a parking spot, I only hope there is 1 much anticipated Costco cookbook showcasing their products still available for me........... "Home Cooking" THE COSTCO WAY. I was not disappointed. This beautiful gift from Costco, printed for 8 years with new recipes, is a fabulous Costco Way of saying "thank you" to me and all of their members for shopping Costco all year long. AND, this household sure did visit Costco too-!!

Yes, from the clear and tantalizing photos by Iridio Photography, to recipes from famous members such as Semi-homemade Sandra Lee, founder of America's Test Kitchen Christropher Kimball, to, Down Home with The Neeleys (Gina and Pat)............and so many more.

This is where Costco's cookbook comes in very handy for me. My husband likes to pheasant hunt in November. Tis the season to entertain during the holidays and I like to have a Game Dinner with the hunters and their wives. As I will be doing Pheasant with a scrumptious wild rice and a sophisticated turnip souffle, my other guests are given an assignment to bring something too. Costco makes it so easy.........each girlfriend is emailed a photo with the recipe. Since it is pheasant, fruit is so simple and such an available product at Costco.

This year Cricket (Christine) will be asked to bring the appetizer:

Nancy has already volunteered to make the salad. She buys her shrimp already from Costco and her confidence level is very high when she praises Costco for this demanding product:

Sandy is a very busy "Madame President" of her village so I will have her contribute the glazed carrots that go wonderfully with pheasant every time:

Finally, Patty. She has a house full of hungry teens all the time so she will have to make extras for them.........but I know how much fun she will have making this dessert for a Grand Finale.

One last thing I will put in my basket, before checking out at Costco, the day of my party. Flowers.

I promise to post photos once the party is over...............

Bon Appetit,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Perfect Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving. A toast to your health, happiness and prosperity...........up, up Dow Jones.

A la prochaine,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

SundayFunnies: St. Eunice Kennedy Schriver?

In watching the "McLaughlin Group" last night, McLaughlin prophesied: "I predict in one year, Eunice Schriver will be canonized a saint by the Pope."

Startling forecast.

Now, I know she did a wonderful thing by creating "Special Olympics".........but, does that make her a Saint?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Interior Designer Michael S. Smith and To-The-Trade Fabrics

Hi Everyone,

Michael Smith is one fantastique California interior designer. This household name first surfaced when First Lady, Michele Obama, hired him for their private living quarters in the White House. A talented designer who knows what looks best with decor. To-the-trade fabrics. The likes of Cowtan & Tout, Brunschwig & Fils, Designer Guild, Colfax & Fowler, Scalamandre, Summer Hill and all the other fine, fine vendors he taps into to make any abode a home.

As I work with clients in person or through my website, everyone knows one thing: Pricing is fabulous. Discounts on all my account vendors. Reason you contacted me in the first place, my word, "Discount." Now, if anyone were to call Michael Smith........well, forget any discounts. Yes, who would dare to bargin with Michael Smith? Therefore, if you have high-end taste, seek the best, know quality over quantity, then, be contented I saved you from 75 - 80% off "to-the-trade" fabrics. I really don't mind you want to save more money, but no vendor is going to lower their prices. And, I have to eat too.

I love designer fabrics and want to share them with you too. I want you to have the right look for your project(s). Why buy from a local discount outlet that sells inferior fabric from a mill when I am here for you with quality? The only reason a mill will sell to Calico Corners is because they are flawed. Sure they are marked "1st Quality" and "2nd Quality" but not by the mill. This is a gimmick sale pitch. Yes, it works too. But, not to your friends who know. By the 3rd year installed in your home, your "1st Quality" fabric begins to look "tired." Your friend who went through us, her installation will look good 15 years later. You see, "you-get-what-you-pay-for" everytime.

Take a look at a few of Michael Smith's interior work and tell me which fabric won't last for years and years? They all will.

I would put this Michael Smith design book on my holiday list:

A la prochaine,