Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bedding for Little Girls


Isn't this a "sweet sophistication" for a bedding ensemble? It's all mixed with white, pink and chocolate.  We love it all-!!  What pops the eye is the soft pink Duvet Cover.........but oooooh those chocolate dots for sheets and pillow cases are the finishing touch to any little girl wanting to go to bed. Did anyone notice the astonishing chandelier?

Gwen:  I love the fact the headboard matches the Duvet Cover.
Denise:  I think adding wainscoting is a great concept to plain walls too.
Gwen:  Except for the sheets and pillow cases, anyone can have custom made Duvet Cover, Dust              Skirt, and Shams from their own choice of fabrics.
Denise:  Hmmmmmmmm, and, of courses, we can do that for anyone who visits our website.

Denise and Gwen

Monday, September 15, 2008

Think Shades for Window Treatments

Hi Girlfriends,

Before introducing you to the rest of the window treatments of shades, WE love this treatment and we can't wait to suggest this to a client this week.  As we all know, "Less is best" and this treatment truly proves it.  Both in looks and budget.  If you study the treatment, look in the mirror to see how graceful the folds fall.  Isn't it amazing how light helps neutrals speak in clear tones too?

Elegant Homes Fall/Winter 2008
Jann Jaffe, Interior Designer
Light.    It can reflect your mood......................or change it.

Whether your new home or current home is a blank canvas or reflects the tastes of previous owners, you can give it your personal decorating touch with Hunter Douglas, Conrad Shades, or custom fabric made.  Window coverings make an enormous difference in the enjoyment of your home.  They add beauty, enhance light quality and provide privacy.  They can even reduce utility bills.  Blinds, shades, sheers and shutters are classic treatments that bring style into a room without overpowering it.  They'll last and be valued as long as you own your home!

Denise:  It can energize or calm.
Gwen:  It can be soothing..........glowing.........penisive.......or mysterious.
Denise:  The secret is in light control.
Hunter Douglas:  "Ask any decorator, any photographer, or, for that matter, any real estate agent what makes a room beautiful and desirable and they'll say it's all a matter of light."

We are posting some great looks in shades and study them to see how they all work and come together for each project:

Elegant Homes Fall/Winter 2008

Elegant Homes Fall/Winter 2008
Marc Reusser, Reusser/Bergstrom Associates
Debra Bergstrom, Interior Designer, Reusser / Bergstrom Associates

Architectural Digest
Nancy Collins, Text by
Billy Cunningham, Before Photography
Peter Aaron/Esto, After Photography

Elegant Homes Fall/Winter 2008
Marc Reusser, Reusser/ Bergstrom Associates
Debra Bergstron, Interior Designer, Reussesr/Bergstrom Associates

Nancy Collins, Text by
Billy Cunningham, Before Photography
Peter Asron/Esto, After Photography

Elegant Homes Fall/Winter 2008
Cherie Hassenflu, Savant Design Group, LLC

Talk Again,
Denise & Gwen

Thursday, September 11, 2008

To-the-trade designer fabrics.......only

Elegant Homes Fall/Winter 2008
Vintage Manor
Julie Dodson, designer
Dodson & Daughter Interior Designs

Hi Girlfriends:

 Gwen and I had an unusual experience we wish to share with you....................

Today, Pindler and Pindler called to inform us that a client, called them with an "APPROVAL" for the fabric we had on "RESERVE" for this client and requested the yardage be sent to her.

Here is how WE work.........
 every other 
ProForma client"

Gwen:  That is not how it works.  Clients are supposed to tell us.......only.

Denise:  Yes, FIRST, we take 100% deposit for fabric, tax and shipping from our clients.

Gwen: Upon receiving the money, we send a check to the show room.

Denise: Once a show room recieves  OUR check,  To-the-trade show rooms begins the process of shipping OUR order to OUR client's home or work room.

Gwen: Like all designers, we have built up a reputation of good standards, and any good show room will call us first.  

Denise: NEVER will a To-the-trade take a call from our client and send out.  Never.

Gwen:  That is the reason for "Sidemark".

Denise: What Gwen is saying, "Sidemark" has the client's name........not our name.


Talk again
Denise and Gwen

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Renovation Inspirations from Pros

Hi Girlfriends,

Did you know that both designers and architects seek websites for renovation inspirations for information, specs and shopping?

Cheryl Katz, designer
"I love, which is a great siter classical modern, and I use for lighting.  Generally, I use the Web to order things from lines I have already seen in person, so there's no question about quality."


Eric Cohler, designer
" is the one resource that links us to almost every reputable antiques dealer in the trade.  We can do our research online and see the piece right there, and we can send the link to our clients, so that they can view the piece as well."


John O'Connor, architect
" is about forward-thinking, sustainable design.  It promotes the substance behind the stylistic aspects of modern design."


Darryl Carter, designer
" is a fantastic website.  They carry antique lighting as well as reproductions, and on theor website, you can pick a fixture and move a different globe or shade or hurrican onto it, so you are basically designing your own fixture.  I also rely on  they sell everything under the sun from plumbing fixtures and fittings to door hardware,.  Because a website can show you how something looks but not how it feels.  I often order just one faucet or fixture as a sample when I'm shopping online--especially if there is a reshelving fee on returns."


Jamie Drake, designer
"One of my favorite sites now is, site of Flavor wallpaper company, which has the pop-psychedelic papers we love to use, with custom capability and the whole swinging '70's vibe."


Denise: Eve Robins, designer finds "one-stop shopping" at for bathroom renovation and for amazing hardware and door handles.

Gwen:  If you are planning a kitchen, Jordan Goldstein uses  Just drag and drop the different units into your layouts.  The really great feature is you can see things in 3-D-!!"

Denise: Here's another fabulous site the David Jameson, architect, speaks highly about if you are interested in "how materials that have been designed for one use can be rethought for other uses. shows products that were designed for the space shuttle......that can be used in home building and renovation." 

Gwen:  Finally, I would like to include a site Lisa Piper Gilbert, architect relies on......for all those into the field of green building,

 Information taken from Met Home September 2006

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen