Monday, June 9, 2008

Tiebacks Are In

Girlfriends, The right execution in your window treatments is DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS.  

Gwen: Tiebacks soften a room with curved lines and provide a pleasant diversion from the stiff angular lines of most window architecture.
Denise:  I find the exact placement of the tie on the panel is a matter of individual sensitivity and discretion, but should fall somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 of the way from the top or the bottom of the treatment.
Gwen: True, but girlfriends, any tied back should not drop closed at night; they are "trained" to fall in a progressive diagonal arrangement.
Denise:  Exactly, and they will not hang straight if dropped.
Gwen:  If this is done.....heaven forbid......the effort necessary to hand dress the folds back into place is time-consuming too-!!
Denise: Girlfriends, when your treatments are up, remember, your work is done.

Kravet is a fabulous source for tiebacks and then go to our website and order at low, low pricing.  

Denise & Gwen 


Helen said...

Hi Denise,

This blog site is fabulous!

Good Luck with it's launch and I wish for you to have more business than you can handle, as it begins to generate business and establishes your mark in the industry!

The photos are perfectly chosen!

Best to you (and to Gwen, of course), in your venture.


Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...


I love our friendship for all the wonderful words you speak from the heart. Thank you for the boost...... Ooooh, Gwen thanks you too-!!


Girlfriend Maggie said...

Girlfriends, Love your blog. Nice colors and wonderful ideas.