Friday, June 13, 2008


Girlfriends, From time to time we will be posting what's new and interesting from the world of interiors. Today, being Friday the 13th, here is one of those times ......These antique door handles once adorned the interior of a Rajasthani palace in the the 1900s. The opulent designs use handmade glass, solid brass and have a pewter finish.

Gwen: Gorgeous. I have one client in mind already. So, Denise, don't hold back, do tell all our girlfriends where to buy these stunning handles........and if affordable.

Denise: Gwen, I am laughing, because I already can guess who your client is and they will make a grand statement at her door too. I found these on my last trip to the UK at Guinevere Antiques. They have a colorful collection of these salvaged handles on sale, starting around today's USA dollars about $200.00 ea. The good news is girlfriends you can visit their website,

We will talk again.
If you have any questions, please leave them in the Comment area and we will gladly respond.

Denise & Gwen

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Anonymous said...

Phoebe says.........I love this blog-!!

Gretchen in Denver said...

This blog is so the girltalk.

Jackie said...

These handles are to die for. I have my decorator looking into to getting them for me.

I see you two girlfriends are blogging "newbies"... fabulous to read and see all the different pictures and ideas. Great look & concept.

Good luck!!

John Clark said...

I thought I was the only one who knew about these exqusite handles. I have placed them in 3 stately homes into Master bedrooms.

Girlfriends, Best of luck to your unique site from a Guyfriend. Me.

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Girlfriend GWEN: Thanks for the kind words and we hope to offer every girlfriend a little something to make their home beautiful.

Your new g.f., Margaret said...

The kind of glizzzzzzz I would love!! Soothing coloring and I do hope my new girlfriends continue this blog.