Saturday, June 14, 2008


Girlfriends, From time to time we get on our website, in "get a quote" tag, inquiries that help relieve our daily stress of obtaining for you low, low, low quote prices, emailing Invoices and filling orders to you as quicker as possible.  Gwen and I did recognize the words "" ........... we had a good laugh that someone took the time to be so accurate in all the other areas.  So, here is our our first "Sunday Funnies":  

name: ndhfotmxb ulithr
vendor: ndhfotmxb ulithr
pattern: ndhfotmxb ulithr
color: ndhfotmxb ulithr
yardage: ndhfotmxb ulithr
talk: hjnifl cprbumyj tvgmradj ghlmkbexo yhulks pjuhqildz admtvpfb


Happy Father's Day 

to all the men 
 your lives

Talk again,

Denise & Gwen

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