Thursday, June 12, 2008


Girlfriends, How simple is this sheer treatment?-!!

Denise:  "This elegant design was hung with 9- 4.25D" tiebacks and with glass beaded trimming running down the side. (Robert Allen extending from the wall above the 2-story arch."
Gwen:  "G.F.s One important hint is always use an "odd" number of tiebacks when doing this treatment.  Better on the eye movement."
Denise: " Oooooo but please understand g.f.s, this treatments for arched windows are more costly to construct or fabricate than those for straight-top windows."
Gwen:  "Excellent reminder.....have your measurer measure from the center of the top of the arch.  It's all about yardage."
Denise:  Yes, measure twice cut once.  

Denise is going to 'jaywalk' here and say............remember to watch "Swingtown" 9P Chicago time tonight......the bases for this summer steamer was real-!!

Talk again

Denise & Gwen


Kittie, Seattle, WA. said...

My first time visiting your blog and THANKS girlfriends for this idea. I can't wait to show my decorator. She keeps suggesting heavy fabrics that cover up most of the window. I KNEW there had to be another answer.

Angie C. said...

Stunning window dressing. I love looking at different window treatments--just like I love reading cookbooks. Good luck with this wonderful blog.

Jamie said...

What I like is how this treatment does not take away from the room.......yet, it becomes a "quiet" focal point.