Thursday, June 26, 2008

Antique Compacts

 1933 Chicago World Fair compacts


One of our girlfriends, Nancy, requested I do a close up of my 1920 - 30s compacts.  Over a period of time, my compact collection grew to 54.  By process of elimination, these are the ones I selected.

My collection began when I would visit my elderly mother in Pekin, Illinois.  As she took her afternoon naps, I would visit the antique shops in the downtown area.  My limit was buying nothing over $25.  I increased my limit when I was in the UK and I "had to have" I paid more.  

In selecting for my wall, I choose a little bit of everything from the past.  

For those who come to my house for parties and they guess my favorite, they get a "Compact Prize."

This is a very handsome compact with the original protective cover.  I call it the "Tree of Thank You."  A high school alumni was asking around if anyone had a hand held Garmin GPS he could buy.  I had one, never used.  We already had one in our car. I  sent him mine.  In return, he knew about my compact collection and went shopping-!!  Very thoughtful and a very welcomed gift.  This compact being  special, I leave it on a small easel in the powder room  when entertaining.

This is  Gwen's favorite-!!

This is the only compact I have ever seen with a watch and it works.  My daughter thought it was a Birth Control case-!!

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen


Trish said...

Nice collection. Is Girlfriend Denise's favorite the middle one at the top?

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

No. The one you mention is a very pretty one too. I love it for it's design of silver and brass. ArtDeco.

Most of my compacts were never used. Women received many as gifts, but only needed two max. One during the day, and one for evening outs.

Girlfriend Denise