Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stunning Palladian Window Treatment

Hi Girlfriends,

Isn't this a fabulous soft treatment to your Palladian window? The good news is , not much more fabric and trim is needed. Adding a rod, brackets and finials just complete the entire look.

Denise: "Once this treatment is measured and sewn to correct specifications, the result is successful."
Gwen: "Yes, but, make sure the measurer calculates the stackback."
Denise: " Uh, Gwen, explain "stackback" to our girlfriends."
Gwen: "Stackback is the area needed by opened draperies to stack off the glass."
Denise: " This would give maximum daylight exposure and better proportion of the window because the glass is fully exposed too."
Gwen: "What really adds to the room is the richer, fuller look and a quieter interior due to increased fabric yardage surrounding the glass. Also, I have done this treatment many times in Dupioni silk and I can't tell you how fabulous the look is. So rich looking.........simply stunning.

One 'secret' we have is, we have resources for you to contact in your area for measuring and installation. If you choose to use Dupioni silks, we can get this to happen at a much lower pricing then if you went through someone on your end. By leaving a "Comment" or going to our website,, we can begin to help you.

Talk later,
Denise & Gwen


Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Very nice. I'm impressed!


Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

THANKS SANDY, I put your comment in from your email to me. Happy 60th today too-!!


Kathy J. said...

RATS-!! I am 3 months too late for this design. Would it be possible to add a swag closest to the window?

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Girlfriend Kathy J.:

First talk to your decorator. Next, it all depends on the amount of stackback off the glass you have right now. If you have the wall space, you may need to purchase a longer rod. Most importantly, would be if you needed to order more fabric. Dyelot may not match if not taken from the original bolt.

Good luck and thank you for the question.

Girlfriend Denise