Friday, June 27, 2008

"Swingtown".... a Generation GapGap Later

Hi Girlfriends,

I had dinner Wednesday night at a nearby Magiano's, with two of my "LaLaSisters".  A silly name we easily began calling ourselves......... after we all started out together in a new franchise design studio.... only........the wrong place for all 7 of us.  Later, we learned we were all called "the bad people" by the owners, to their newbies.  We LaLaSisters already knew who were the "bad people" ...........from the moment we unpacked the first ugly lamp for display.  LOL

During dinner, I begin the conversation about the CBS summer hot, "Swingtown" pilot show-- which all happened back in the 70's here in Winnetka, Ill..  My 'sisters' looked blanked for even hearing about it.  I began by telling them about my phone conversation with my good friend Betsy.  If anyone reading this knows about what happens in households after a husband retires, you will be able to harmonize with my friend.

Denise:  "Hey, Betsy, You lived in Winnetka in the early 70's, right?"
Betsy: "Yes, why?"
Denise:  "Have you heard about the new summer show about Winnetka in the 70's starting this June?"
Betsy: "No."
Denise:  "Did you ever know about any couples swapping going on?"
Betsy:  "Sure did-!!  It was right around the time Lou's dad died."

Lou in the background and not knowing where this was ever going........."Dad died in 1974."

Denise: "Aaaaaaaaa  Betsy, how does that work with couples swapping?"
Betsy:  "Someone suggested Lou joined the Winnetka Community House Theater, as a stage carpenter, to help him recover."

Lou in the background........."Yup, I joined the theater group in 1974 and...yada, yada, yada."

By this time, I am thinking I want to say: "Either tell Lou to get on the phone too or tell him: "Looooooooouu take a walk!"

It turns out, the  Cast party, was held at The Winnetka Woman's Club.  This was because, one of the lead character's wife, was President of this club in 1974.  

United Airline Greeter:  "Hi Lou, Please throw your house key in the pile on the floor."
Betsy:  "Whaaaat???"
United Airline Greeter:  "Whatever husband picks up your key, he goes home with you for the night."
Betsy:  "Looooooooooou, We're out of here!"

My LaLaSisters were laughing so hard.  Not how I would have expected.....they, being a generation later, never were on the same page with me about 'couples swapping'.  Both began scenarios for using two of the lines, while at single bars in the city:

Signal to get rid of a guy:  "Looooooooooou, Take a walk!"
Signal to g.f.s it's time to leave:  "Looooooooooooou, We're out of here!"

Girlfriend Gwen is enjoying time off with her son and his family for awhile.

Talk again


Girlfriend Angie C. said...

Hi girlfriend Denise, You sure have an interesting site. I bet, not even the writers have as much insight into Swingtown as you do.No way would they know about this "Key Pile" Hmmmmm, Could it be you might know names of the some of the real players?

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

LOL. Not telling real names.....but will only say, these writers did use both first names of one innocent couple's name who lived in Winnetka at that time...........but, they were not involved.

Girlfriend Denise.