Monday, June 16, 2008

Question & Answer Time

Hi Girlfriends,

Denise: I was chatting with my favorite cousin today, Patsy.  She overloaded me with questions about this blog.  Mainly, it's about "Service, Patsy." 

First, let me tell you something about Patsy.  She retired this past January after 30 years with United Way (Illinois). Literally, from soup to nuts, Patsy made it into a huge success here in Illinois.  Retirement to this 100% Irish woman is making the Dean's List at Northwestern Law School this past semester at age 78-!!  With Patsy's 50 some years of business experiences, you bet the students were taking notes  from her experiences than the law professors all semester. Who else in the class has met more Presidents and Senators, and famous/infamous wealthy business men than Patsy?  

One story she shared was how in '98, Springfield, Ill., for the Governor's Breakfast,  one keynote speaker became unavailable. A young "wet-behind-the-ears"  senator stepped up to the plate in this absentee's spot. Patsy was sweating buckets, for she had never heard of him.  But, when he spoke, she was blown away by his easy mannerism and eloquence in speaking.  She never forgot him......nor have we today. Sen. Barack Obama.

Patsy: "Why do "To-the-trade" designer fabrics cost more than if I went to Calico Corners?"

Denise: "We-ll Patsy, no comparison.  Fiber, yarn, fabric construction, coloring, and finishing."

Gwen:  "The purpose of lovely fabrics is to stimulate awareness and deepen the appreciation of visual beauty.  No price can be put on joy, the satisfaction, and even the thrill of living with or seeing stunning fabrics."

Denise:  "However, if every fabric in an interior is "fabulous" the effect may well be overwhelming or perhaps pretentious."

Gwen:  "That is why, I tell my clients a background fabric often are needed, to provide a handsome contrast for an exquisite fabric piece."

Denise:  "I agree, and I always keep window treatments in mind to create successful combinations that use the fabric budget wisely and to the best advantage to create a beautiful interior."

Girlfriends, as you want high end for beauty and long lasting, you can't beat low, low, low pricing from show rooms and not inferior bolts for discount stores.

Patsy:  "Ok, then why should.............."

Denise: " Patsy, We are out of time and will answer your question for another day."  '-'

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen


Karla N. said...

Congrats Patsy for making the Dean's List.......WOW, you go girl !!!!!

Janice M. said...

Sounds like Clarence Darrow would have bee no match for Patsy either. I congratulate Patsy and this blog, but for different reasons. Girlfriends with brains and talent.......WOW-!!

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Thanks Girlfriends for saying such nice things about my cousin, Patsy. She is one very SPECIAL person...........United Ways missing her, but, I suspect her law professors needed a summer the students are discussing her as their future mentor-!!

Joann said...

I love Patsy! Congrats on making the Dean's List. We need honest lawyers and I am counting on your girlfriend to tell the Judges how it is so. LOL.

This is a beautiful site and the coloring is so soothing to the eye. Girlfriend conversations are just the greatest idea too.

Do you do floor plans? How would that work if you did?

Marie said...

Awesome site!! Awesome Patsy for hitting the Dean's List......and at Northwestern Law School no less. Law Review shouldn't be far behind for you...........fabulous girlfriend of our times.

Girlfriend Patty said...

Yup, it would take a 100% Irish woman to show Northwestern Law School a thing or two. Ditto for me on Patsy making the Dean's List.

Terrific blog site......and, I find your website most welcoming for my Fall projects.

Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Yes Joann we do floors plans. We will post this question tomorrow for all our girlfriends to read and learn about how it works.

Great question.