Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent, "It's now or never" Auction

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The "razzle-dazzle" still continues after Oscar night.........Beginning last night, in the city of lights, a 3-day auction by Christie, is conducting the sale of Yves Saint Laurant's Paris apartment. YSL died last June at 71.

Even in these parious, penurious times, this sale hopes to bring in $250 to $380 million. In all, there are over 690 lots being sold in the range from stunning to the mundane.

The excitement is built in part by the fashion designer himself, YSL, the other part is he and his partner, Pierre Berge, collected some beautiful art and artifacts during their decades together. As a couple, they "overstuffed" their 55 Rue de Babylone on the left bank with with a large number of high-quality objects and art works, like Matisse, Picasso, art decor, German silver and bronze and Limoges enamals, "which were not in vogue when they bought them." As people fill the city's fancier hotels and grand parties are being hosted throughout Paris, the biggest expectations mounting is the fact these some of YSL items have not been on the market for a very long time, which is signaling to musuems and private clients, "It's now or never."

Can you find the most valuable piece in the sale?

"Musical Insruments on a Table" Picasso from 1914 -15

I love the rug-!!

A cleaning lady's nightmare for dusting. But, I do admire YSL knack for shopping "stuff"

"Portrait of the Comtesse de La Rue," by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, hung in YSL living room.

The detail of the carving on this frame is remarkable.

YSL used up every available space in his Paris apartment. If I had been a visitor, it would take me days to take in his entire abode, but, I would have instantly found the Matisse, Mondrians and Legers where ever YSL would have placed them.

A closer look at Matisse.

"Portrait of Alfred and Elisabeth Defreus," Theodore Gericault above and "The Violin," by Juan Gris, center.

"The Adoration of the Magi," a tapestry by Edwrad Coley Burne-Jones, woven in 1904.

A large Roman marble athlete's torso, first to second century A.D.

The "Music Room" with 15 mirrors by Chaude Lalanne in gilt bronze and galvanized copper. Notice the mirror on the ceiling too.

Photos by Christy and New York Times from an article written by Steven Erlanger and Maia de la Baume, contributed reporting.

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