Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Changing is easy....Paint-!!

Hi Girlfriends,

Right now, it's snowing in Chicago.....big flakes too. Is Spring ever coming? Besides Costco homemade Chicken noodle soup (excellent with your own addition of sliced carrots and celery and more noodles) and crusty breads for dinner tonight, I am moving towards painting a few projects. Just scroll and see what I have found from Crown paint (UK company), but, of course here in America, Benjamin Moore, Lowe's or Home Depot offer the same color schemes (to name a few). In additon to the color schemes, it is what the English do so well with limited space...........being creative for so little-!!

Change is easy........the fun part of painting is getting inspired. Begin by collecting all of your favorite colors schemes and photos. Here is a helping hand to get you started:

Not all walls need to have pictures on it. Look at how simple, simple, simple this concept is to display your most favorite (and expensive) Prada shoes, handbags, etc. Detailing all with the usage of color scheme here.

What a perfect crash layout this would be for any single girl in her first home-away-from-home. Ingenious design for any studio apt...............or.........a teenager's space-!!

This shows how the weekend project was in the makings. Looks easy enough.

Perfect for any mud room. The clean concept of red/white/blue will keep this room always looking neat.

One reason to not throw out postal cards from your traveling friends and relatives. Flea markets sell vintage cards too. The clean and simple logo of the phone states the purpose of this wall.

The finished project.

What to do with an ugly table...............paint it pink and it will be a smashing success for any little girl's bedroom.

Who but a creative person would even think to turn over any press glass and "see" the artistic beauty of the bottom THEN transferring the bottom into a design?!!

This kitchen is what got me thinking about projects for this post. Love the "point" for measuring kids and dogs. Note the shades of paints too.

Logos for a message board? I love it.

I love the color scheme of 3 different paints and find myself wanting to peek behind the door too. I would never want to close this door.

What is not to love and it invites everyone to envy the artistic flair that lives in this home.

In the beginning..............

Finished project.
Such an inviting "private" domain for someone very organized. Note the shades of paint and how they compliment each other. Very well done.

Numbers and letters seem to play very well in some of these photos. Clueless what "5b" stands for, but, I am delighted with the way it works so well with this sharp design and color scheme. I think it is the white....then, the add-on colors.

I saved my FAVORITE for last. What a perfect concept for a boy's room or a single crash pad. Also, no need to throw out those expensive jeans anymore. Even on a laundry room wall, this idea would be great.

I hope you enjoyed my posting today. Do lyou have a favorite photo from above? If so, please tell me your by leaving a Comment.

Talk again,

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Anonymous said...

I love these ideas. So fresh. So creative. So easy.