Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day-!!

Hi Girlfriends,

If you are a looking for both a romantic and economic centerpiece this Valentine's Day, look no further........."this classic romantic, Valentine's Day can not be complete without candlelight and roses. You can combine the two in a glowing centerpiece that will warm any heart".

How to look:
Place a tealight, along with a holder, in the center of any type of a larger container. Raise it up so that the top of the holder sits highter than the rim of the larger container. Fill the empty space in the box with rose petals. Petals can be purchased at florists or paper ones at a party store. Simple, simple.........elegant.

Can't forget the sweetest of littlest hearts in your life.................I love this charming little girl's pink sleeping area. The corner twin bed and still have a canopy by attaching any type of straight rod to the middle of the wall and draping soft pink floral fabric from Osborne & Little. Add futher color acccents such as a rug and a Laura Ashley chandelier. Sweet, sweet..........sweet dreams.


Did you know that Valentine's Day actually began with a prison ministry?

In the year A.D. 320, the early church set aside February 14th to remember the heroic death of one man named Valentine, who was beheaded on a pagan altar because he refused to renounce JESUS CHRIST!

According to historic traditions, Valentine was born into a wealthy Roman family, and converted to CHRISTIANITY as a young man, sometime around the year A.D. 240.

It was an era when the church was being severely persecuted by the degenerate Roman emperor, Claudius II. Thousands of Christians were imprisoned in the dark, tomb-like jails of Rome.

Wealthy Romans of the time considered it "entertainment" to visit the prisons and watch as Christians were tortured and put to death.

Valentine took advantage of his family connections to visit the prisons, too....BUT he made it his mission to smuggle in small gifts of food to those facing martyrdom, always accompanied by a short note expressing love and encouragement. Valentine, a devout and strong' hearted Christian, was eventually arrested himself and was martyred in Rome about A.D. 270.

Though the roots of this holiday are largely forgotten, St. Valentine's ministry of love and caring is still commemorated today, more then 1.700 years later.

On Valentine's Day, share this important history with your children...and enjoy a little "ministering" together by delivering Valentine's Day treats to a local nursing home or hospital. Children are never to young to show love and generosity.

Happy Valentine's Day and Talk again,

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