Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jackie O's Dining Room

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The following is what both Caroline and John Kennedy wrote in the Sotheby's, " The Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis" catalog, April 1996.

"In deciding what to do with our mother's possessions, we were guided first and foremost by her deep knowledge and love of history.  She was proud to have played a part in the history of our country, and in accordance with her wishes, we have given objects and documents which help chronicle the Kennedy Administration and her role as First Lady to the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation which will make them available to the public.

Beyond that, our mother believed in individuals more than in institutions.  She was able to evoke the lives and people of other times and places, describing to us the ancient pharaohs, court society at Versailles, or life on a Nantucket whaling ship so vividly that we felt we had visited these wondrous places.  For our mother, history came alive through objects and paintings, as well as books.  Because the things she collected link her with history, and because she cared about them, they represent more than just a record of her life and travels.  As they go out into the world, we hope that they bring with them not only their own beauty and spirit, but some of hers as well."

"Caroline Kennedy                                                                                                         John Kennedy"

The Dining Room of
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis'
New York City Apartment
Item # 332
"A Set of Four Louis XVI Style 
- Grey and Blue -
Fauteuils en Cabriolet

"Each with a molded oval upholstered
backrest, the padded armrests, raised
on voluted supports, the bow-fronted
seat raised on circular tapered, fluted legs."

 The Red Room 
and one of four state reception rooms 
in the White House
 Jackie restored this room and loaned her own 
pair of French obelisks.
Item # 323
"A Pair of Louis XVI Ormolu Mounted 
Black and White Marble Obelisks
last Quarter 18th Century"

History note:

Surprisingly, or maybe not, at the time of Jackie "O's" estate sell, Sotheby's did not have a ".com" account in 1996-!!  Think of it, 12 years internet for many, many, many.

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