Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ELEGANT HOMES Window Treatments

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WE're baaaaaaaaack-!!  Vacations are wonderful distractions from day to day life of home, but.......there's no place like home.  Settling back into a routine is even welcoming.  One pleasure is pouring through all the newly arrived decorator magazines.  

This August edition of Elegant Homes,  I am excited about some creative methods on saving cost on rods, brackets and finials, but still have beautiful window treatments.  All three window treatments featured have the same concept from  the prestigious Pink Ribbon show house (built to raises money for breast cancer awareness and research at the Baylor College of Medicine) Houston, TX.  to Lexington, MA.  

If you have difficulty seeing how resourceful these interior designers were, please, pick up Elegant Homes the next time you are at your local Borders

Interior Designer, Tricia Dobson, decided upon "panels hung simply on iron backets.....thus, preventing a heavy look."  Still, it oozes all the charm and elegance of a traditional living room.

Interior Designer, Edwina Alexis, used decorative drapery tacks to hold flowing silk draperies...... which gives a hint of drama to this small intimate library area.  By using ivory fabric for this treatment,  the room remains quiet for reading, sipping wine or a game of chess.

The kitchen curtain, by designer Betsy Speert, was hung with decorative black ceiling hooks which can be purchased at any hardware store like a ma & pa, Home Depot or Lowes.  I really like this idea for its light and airy effect and without the hassle of cumbersome hardware in such a small area.
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Girlfriend Betsy said...

What a clever kitchen treatment for my own. Thanks so much for pointing them out.