Saturday, August 9, 2008

Window Treatements

Schumacher Wallpaper Book 1995

Hi Girlfriends,

Now is the time to begin thinking of indoors for window treatments. 
 Right now, the workrooms are slow (many take vacations in August for this very reason ).  
By the time one begins to think of entertaining during the holidays
 you have wisely gotten a most important project completed.

One of our greatest resources of window treatments
comes from o discontinued wallpaper books.  
Most places that sell wallpaper
 have stacks of discontinued books 
in their back.
By asking they are thrilled to get rid of them.

So, don't be shy when asking.........

This particular window treatment we have repeated over and over.  
 you will need a really good workroom to execute this design for it is all in the mechanism of the construction. 
 Once up 
the design compliments any room.  

GWEN: "For us, using this design in dining rooms have been most successful."  

The secret to any attractive Window Treatment is "Trade-only" fabrics.  
 "You get what you pay for."
Denise: "Ooooooooh so true.  
Pick a room
spoil yourself
use Trade Only designer fabrics
in stages
 spoil yourself
again, again and again
 on your remaining rooms.

By the time you have completed
your stages........why
the first room fabrics
are still 

Gwen and Denise: 
"Yes, it's all about quality."

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen

Remember, you can buy designer fabrics at fabulously pricing through us

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