Friday, August 29, 2008

ELEGANT HOMES Window Treatments #2

Hi Girlfriends,  

This is a test..........for it is my first attempt to try Adobe Elements in scanning a magazine photo, instead of scanning to Printmaster and uploading from there.  I am on a MAC and learning all the time.  

One EXTREMELY  helpful websites for 101 learning to blog, has been All Things Bright And Beautiful.  I highly recommend this website for learning the in's and out's from this A+ mentorship blogging.  If I feel this 'test' is what I am seeking, expect all my photos to be clearer in the future.

Fall/Winter 2008

"Hospitality begins at the entry, where red Italian marble flooring glistens in the sunshine and red, pink, and gold striped silk-and-velvet draperies puddle theatrically a the base of golden pedestals with red antique vases."

Talk again,

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