Tuesday, August 31, 2010

IKAT Fabrics For Fall-!!

Hi Girlfriends, First, I hit a remarkable milestone for my website in August. Since I began in 2007, I have received 1,000,000 visitors with requests. I was....and still am...very excited-!! Economy crunch or what, serious homeowners still know that "To the trade" designer fabrics do make a difference in making their house a home. Thanks for all your past support and may we both grow together in the future.

Second, Whenever I get lots of request for one kind of fabric or color, I know "something" is in the wind with fashion. Nothing is more truer than IKAT fabrics. Now, even I am dreaming of this timeless fabric pattern with the possibility of doing a small love seat in my family room in ikat too.

IKAT (e - kot) means "to bind." It is a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven. Villagers in Thailand, take the weft (crosswise filling threads) and tie tiny bits of plastic onto the treads. The tightly tied areas of thread, when put into the dye pot, resist the color and create a pattern, once the plastic ties are removed. Traditional ikat cottons are often indigo-dyed in lively and engaging motifs representing the village life and beliefs of the people. Modern ikats come in cotton, linen and silks which are brightly colored with good imported chemicals or natural dyes.

What makes ikat fabric differ from other fabrics is in the woven by hand on narrow looms in a labor - intensive process. Easy to identify because there patterns look the same on both sides of the fabrics..........in other words, no right or wrong side of the cloth.

A hint: Dry Cleaning HIGHLY recommended.

Ikat endless possibilities from runways to accessorities to upholstering to bedding to draperies to even carpet:

runwaydaily.com, blog.hgtv.com, lotushaus.typedpad.com, elledecor.com

Look what ABC has to offer in carpet-!!

Kravet knows....................ikat fabrics with over 208 fabrics from their designers collections.

Sorry, I lost the info on these two beautiful ikat fabrics. '-'

Always count on Scalamandre to show ikat with stunning matching companions.

Sami ikat / 26737 and companion Uppsola / 26738

Think about including this wonderful fabric in your Fall project. REMEMBER.........although very expensive, due to labor intensity, contacting me for a low, low price.

A la prochaine,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,

What a Great collection

By the way, Do you know that actually Ikat is from Indonesia.?

I would share if you dont know yet or want to get more info