Monday, November 14, 2011

Costco Cookbook 2011 Debut

Hi Girlfriends,   Each year, Costco hands out free, to each customer, the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING, their own published cookbook.  Their cookbooks feature fantastic recipes using Costco products. Included in them are recipes from some of our favorites: Ina, Giada, buttermustadd Paula, Sandra Lee and Christopher Kimball. Ironically, back in November 2009, I blogged Costco's 2009, "Home Cooking, the Costco Way."  On this blog, I featured one recipe, which I have repeatedly made since.  

Fast forwarding..............

In early 2011, Costco Connection, ran a contest asking for customers to submit a favorite recipe which they love and use, from previous Costco cookbook years. The winners would be featured in THIS Novemember's Costco Cookbook 2011.(HINT: Only passed out the day after Thanksgiving...because they run out fast!) This year, 2 entries, from the Chicago area won. One gal from Naperville with a fish dish and the other winner..............ME!! 

To be selected amongest so many was exciting, and then, along knocks a professional Chicagoland photographer, to photo me in my gallery size kitchen. Before the knock, it took me days to "de-cluttter" then, "stage" my kitchen (thanks to the knowledge from following blogger, Maria Killam, Colour Me Happy forever) and all the time I was pondering over what to wear. 

Here is my winner.  Hope it becomes your winner too!*

*I use Peppermint ice cream & add fresh mint as a decoration

Talk soon and Happy Thanksgiving, 


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