Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Lately, I have been getting inquiries for CONRAD SHADES. One webclient has been dreaming of owning Weave #1 for 10 years-! OK, it's time to take that giant leap and buy them. CONRADS are not for the "bargain hunters." They ARE expensive. Whenever I am in a client's home who says she wants CONRAD SHADES I ask for her budget......just for CONRADS. Depending on the windows sizes, up front, it is wise to estimate so your client either still wants them or moves on to fabrics. Let's say IF a window is 48W x 60L a ballpark will cost RETAIL anywhere from $1400 and up (optionals).

Why are CONRADS so expensive? They have earned it. Though the art of CONRADS are intricate, the materials are simple. After the fibers are nature grown, the materials are harvested, sundried on the beaches, and hand-tied by the villagers, they are bundled off to other parts of the Far East to be handwoven. All this is labor intensity. There is no substitute.

What makes them stand out is the look for passion, elegance and superb craftsmanship. CONRAD offers roman shades, custom drapery, cornices, a Sliding Panel Shade System, and a line of drapery designed for outdoors living spaces.

Fortunately, BP isn't in these remote far east countries to do any damage and CONRAD SHADES can grace your home.

Weave No. 1732, Safari was voted as Interior Design's Best of Year Award. Is it no wonder?-!!

Here are two elegant designed window coverings with CONRAD. This tells you how a simple shade can work with not only a designer chair but also right along with your grandmother's victorian dining room chairs too.

Weave No. #1822 is hand-tied fibers in modulations of green and grey which lends an atmosphere of tranquility. Love the sheerness.

#1744 is inspired by the vivid beauty of the equestrian sport. This new Dressage weave has a sumptuous silky look and feel created by closely interweaving narrow stand strands of fibers suffused in a rich mix of chestnut, black and Palomino.

Weave No. 1718 is a sophisticated and exquisitely sheer ivory grasscloth.

Weave No. 1602 looks warm with these reeds richly-colored fiber strands evoking the play of light and shadow. Perfect for kitchens-! sells CONRAD SHADES. First, already have a quote, then, contact me. Remember this, THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. Absolutely. But, how much is the question between your quote and mine.

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Lar said...

I have Conrad shades to sell..they came with the house we just purchased.

Tad said...

Do they still sell Conrads? Seems like the site is down?