Tuesday, July 17, 2012


CREATING A BEAUTIFUL WINDOW treatment that meets the right specifications of any project is all about making the right choices.

Too many times the wrong decisions are made because lack of understanding what direction the room project is facing. Below is my simple guide to how important North, South, East and West are in how window treatments will be facing.  Then, comes color.  Staying away from blues if your window is facing North, is a good idea in - zero weather.  How hot is hot? If you are thinking of wanting your South window treatment to be cascading in yellow fabric, project ahead, as the temperature outside climbs past 100 degrees?


THE direction your windows face tells you a lot about what they should be wearing.

NORTH: The clearest, most consistent light and coldest exposure.  Energy-efficient treatments are a smart option.

SOUTH: Good light year-round, casting a warm glow on interiors.  Light-diffusing treatments can help protect fabrics, furniture and rugs.

EAST: Warm, bright light, especially in the morning.  Treatments that block harmful UV rays are a good choice.

WEST: The hottest, haziest light of the day.  One or a combination of light-diffusing treatments are highly recommended.

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