Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom's All-Time Summer Desserts Recipes

Hi Girlfriends,

Today the humidity is to be very high. Already I have the air on as I feel it climbing. Since Gwen is preoccupied, my energy isn't into going to The Mart, but I am thinking of how Mom handled 9 kids when summer desserts were much a part of our 6 O'clock Supper time. Just as were the tasks Mom delegated to us; "Set the table", "Clear the table", "Wash and dry the dishes" and "Sweep the floor."

My two favorite recipes for summer desserts:

A) Sliced bananas and chopped up oranges sprinkled with some sugar and then homemade whipped cream folded in. Yum-!

B) Vanila ice cream,Hershey surup poured over it and topped with Spanish peanuts. Yum-!

Tonight I think it will be "B".

Talk again,

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