Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson KING OF POP

HI GIRLFRIENDS, We wanted to be amongst the thousands of blogs paying a final farewell to one of our greatest American musical icons, Michael Jackson, KING OF POP. When Elvis died, the then Editor of Peoples Magazine, Richard Stolley (he was from my home town of Pekin, Illinios), told me the HUGE mistake he made when he decided not to put him on the front cover of Peoples Mag. Dick missed being a part of Elvis by 10 years earlier and could not "see" featuring him on the cover and went with someone else. It wasn't until Stolley stepped out of his office and saw all the secretaries crying into their hankies. He inquired and and was told, "Elvis died." He ran back into his office to kill the presses.....but all too late.

Here is Michael Jackson in sequence of his life:

Talk again,
Denise & Gwen

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