Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Bye Plunkett Home Furnishings--Chicago area

Hi Girlfriends, Sadly, After 75 years of a family owned business, Plunkett Home Furnishings filed Bankruptcy Monday, June 1, 2009. The economy is a factor in every business today, but, this company knew how to survive since going through 1929. No, not the economy, but Irish Pride and Family Feud.

Denise: I talked to several reps (Marge Carson, Hooker and Eastern Accents) whose line of furniture or accessories sold to Plunkett's and they are "very sad."

Gwen: I am out of a job -! When CEO Hugh Plunkett handed out our letters last Thursday he singled out some of us in a personal manner. "Gwen, I will not miss you for you never learned to even wrap a lamp-!"

Denise: Mean.

Gwen: Yes, but his wife, Joan, was very nice to me. She gave me a martini glass with red dice in it. (Gwen's son is a partner in Lettuce Entertainment and oversees the restaurants in Las Vegas)

Denise: Do we dare tell what the CEO said personally to one female designer?

Gwen: You tell.

Denise: Nayyyy, it is too mean to repeat.

We hope John and his sister, Jamie Plunkett, both land on their feet and can begin to enjoy their families now that the stress is nearly over.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen


Anonymous said...

John and Jamie were not the nicest people either.John was never liked by his employees and Jamie was just a spoiled rich girl who's family bailed her out of her failed marriages.

Cassandra said...

I say good riddance and agree 100% with Anonymous. Hugh Punkett is a raving lunatic while John is a masochistic bully who reveled in keeping his employees indentured servants. Jamie was a weak leader and wanted nothing to do with any employee she felt was beneath her - the others she just wanted to be friends with. As idleness and sloth were rewarded highly there it amazes me that the business lasted as long as it did once the father died.

Denise said...

Girlfriends, Anonymous and Cassandra, We do not fault you for venting. They had great potential...forever. Only "Credit Hold" became the norm and we designers suffered because the customer never knew this "dirty little secret."

Denise and Gwen

Anonymous said...

How hurtful can you all be? I agree that Hugh Plunkett was not a great leader or personable person by any means. John Plunkett may not have been favored by many and Jamie Plunkett may not be liked by a few, but they have families that they were trying to support. Jamie specifically is a single mom that raised and is still raising kids on her own. Anonymous, you have no right to say she was spoiled, nor bailed out of her failed marriages. Both are false. Very loving woman, selfless, determined, and dedicated who struck bad luck with men, I think there are many women who have been in her place.
Plunketts is missed to this day.