Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hi Girlfriends,

In this economy of "downsizing" (i.e. closing) businesses, it feels so good, to be encouraged, by those who are creative enough to re-think how to keep their doors open. Please take the time to read my latest email from this wonderful little "gem" in my hometown of Winnetka, Illinois, The Gray Boutique.

I loved their The Gray Boutique's 2008 July 4th window so much I took pictures of it on this day.

Okay, the rumors are flying so here's the 411:
 We started as a great little neighborhood boutique (8 years ago) that had unique items and lines that no one else had.  We were a welcomed change in an historically preppy burb.  Gray was the hot spot... AND THEN IT HAPPENED - my little mind started thinking BIG - BIG mistake!  AND THEN IT REALLY HAPPENED - the fall of the great little neighborhood boutique.  Everyone was clamoring for the same designers  - Tory, Nanette, Trina, Kate, Diane, Michael, Milly, Tibi so every store started to look the same and every shopper started to look the same and OH YUCK how BORING. And then, if things couldn't get worse, THE ECONOMY CRASHES and everyone starts freaking out.
DON'T FREAK OUT!  Gray is staying open in Winnetka and better yet - we're going back to being a small little neighborhood boutique that has unique items and superior service.  We're not going to carry department store lines so if you want them - head out to the MALL for some mass shopping and an Aunt Annie's!
   And So It Goes...
MAJOR clearance in both stores - watch for e-mails with details
Old Town Boutique closes on January 17th -
(the lease expires in March - we just couldn't renew now)
Gray Winnetka gets a spruce up and stocked for Spring 
The great little neighborhood boutique is back-
come in for unique items and gifts to celebrate
  thanks for your support
Laura Schoch

Hmmmmmmmm, I think I should see if The Gray Boutique is interested in stocking the wonderful red Ballywood ribbon hobo bag I have on my "Must Have" list I fell in love with on Couture Carrie blog today. Of course, I must give special credit to All Things Bright and Beautiful who alerted me to this blog.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen

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