Tuesday, January 6, 2009



After the fuss of Christmas decorating has been stored away for another year, Symons photo is not only welcoming but captures a sleeplike state without response to stimuli....so calming. We are still debating if it is the color on the walls or the painting on the mantle or just the "sound" of a crackling fire that makes this picture so utterly hypnotic.

The bed is the 'heart of the room' and the two different comfort designs in solid colors proves the point even more-!!

Take a busy wallpaper pattern and combine it with a wild fern fabric on a contemporary sofa and throw in a hint of purple and it's a success for many years to come..............we love it-!!

Wouldn't you just love to curl up under these blankets this January with the sensational international best-selling mystery, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson in this stunning and simple combo of turquoise and a hint of red?

Hi Girlfriends,

Here is one resolution we hope to keep in 2009.....................expose as many new creative bloggers for their timeless energy in their sharing of gifted artists. Today, we discovered Lucinda Symons, UK photographer, from the blog site, House of Turquoise via another blog, Creative Flair Chic.

Lucinda Symons clients include: Osborne and Little, Laura Ashley, Country Homes and Interiors, Good Housekeeping, The English Home, S Magazine, Delicious, Health and Fitness and so many more............

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen

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