Tuesday, January 13, 2009

domino magazine for online shopping

Hi Girlfriends,

"A MUST-!!"is the Febuary issue of "domino" magazine. We still have their first issue and it just keeps on getting better and better. We believe it has to do with their working energy together..........for this is the "voice" we hear from their combination of editors and writers...........individually......young, creative and talented. AND, collectively, they know how to put out a fabulous monthly magazine.

A hint of what we are saying on page 25:

Can be purchased on Amazon.com for $40.95. There are two collectible copies left beginning at $360.00.

Wonder revues from Glamorous, The New York Times Book Review, Daniel Okrent, Fortune,The New Yorker and O, The Oprah Magazine.

And then................WHAT AMAZON HAS TO SAY:
"Few books published survey the fascinating moments of the 20th century the way VANITY FAIR PORTRAITS: A CENTURY OF ICONIC IMAGES does. This hefty, handsome volume contains the photographic works of some of the world's most important photographers whose images have graced the pages to Vanity Fair in the two periods of its publication - the beginning and the ending of the 20th century. This is a photographic collection that gives generous full page (and at time double page ) spreads of brilliant photographs by artists who gained permission to enter the lives of movie starts, artists, writers, government personalities, royalty, stage personas, the wealthy and the significant poor - they are all here in both lush color and black and white reproductions.

Not only is it fascinating to leaf through the 300 odd photographs of this book, but it is also rewarding to read the several introductory notes and essays by Graydon Carter, David Friend, and Christopher Hitchens - each of whom lends appreciation for not only the publication that influenced art and fashion and politics and world affairs, but also gave readers a tasteful and solidly informative way to view the world as the characters displayed here influenced our times. This is a collection of art and history married in a way that allows the reader time and contrasts to re-live the past and appreciate the developments that graced the years from 1900 to 2000. Well worth the price!"

Going backwards, domino "scounting", pg. 23-24, features 3 online shopping pioneers. This article lets your fingers do the walking for you.............."Consider them retail curators. Their innovative sites combine boutique--worthy taste filters with the come-one, come-all access of the Internet. By putting the best of the best at our fingertips, they're revolutionizing how we buy and collect." So true-!! From high-end antiques to retail wall coverings to affordable art to finding the best priced fabrics, shopping cannot be easier for decorating your home.

Just for fun, do a "just looking" by going to 1stdibs.com, walnutwallpaper.com, 20x200.com and, let us add, discountdesignerfabricsonline.com and browse. Then, when the time comes, return and begin shopping. Many outstanding designers use 1stdibs, like Interior Designers Eric Cohler (September 2008 we posted this information), Michael Smith and Nate Berkus all the time. For the rest of us, great prices are there......and, if you don't think so, just ask.

After reading and reading "domino" another winter read is Phillippa Gregory, "The Other Queen"...........will Gregory ever run out of queens? We think not.

Talk again,
Denise and Gwen

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