Sunday, May 23, 2010

Canopy Beds

Hi Girlfriends, I love creative canopy beds. I don't own one.......yet. I must confess, tucked away in my basement is one decorative metal canopy form ready to be painted, and me, finding the right fabric to create a romantic guest room. Yes, doesn't that sound like Project #57 waiting? Also, this DIY women, keeps waiting for the perfect room. It is the scale of a room for such a canopy that I am desiring. And, when I move to Pinehurst, NC, I intend to keep this in mind...........for the sole purpose of having a canopy bed in a guest room.

The walls in this room were painted an oatmeal color. The use of bright colors like lime green and orange as bedding accents works too. For any DIY person, note how the canopy is rolled and tied. How easy is that? What I really love is the floral canopy as it softens the room to give the entire effect an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. In fact, all the fabrics blend together perfectly-!!!

Don't you just love the blue in this room with all the wood exposure? This romantic suite takes center stage beginning with the sheer valance edged in a pale blue striped fabric which puddles on either side of the bed's headboard. LOOK how white linens makes the room so crisp and clean.

Color: The most popular colors today are blue, whites, neutrals, and greens. If you want bold colors, I suggest bring in lots of white. Everything in a bedroom-furniture, fabrics and color-is all about balance in order for a room to work.
Bed skirts: Matching the skirt with the fabric headboard keeps the bed looking uniform. Tailored skirts with trim or banding is one of my favorites. I also like to make the skirt just graze the floor. And, when summer comes, you can completely change the look of a bed by adding or removing a skirt too.
Pillows: I buy all my down pillows at Calicor Corners for decorative pillows. They carry the best.......and they can custom order any size for you
If you are spending the money on custom linens, then go the whole nine yards and do down pillows too. Decorative foam pillows will give come off flat....and cheap.
Linens: Woods prefers plain, white linens. Like I have already said, "Crisp and clean." And I agree with Birmingham, Alabama Interior Designer, Liz Woods, "It's not the way it looks but how it feels."

Once you are ready to order "to the trade" fabrics" contact me.
I buy ONLY from my accounts with designer showrooms. Never a mill. Mills contracted by the fine reputations of Kravet, Robert Allen, Brunschwig & Fils, Scalamandre, etc. are NOT selling fine production/workmanship to discounted websites. These sites house inferior fabrics in their " warehouses." Understand, what is being sold by a mill to a site ARE the inferior ends of the run fabrics. They are flawed due to multi reasons. Some being: ran out of dyes, thread breaking, lint caught in the process of weaving, skipping and so many more reasons. NO showroom will sell inferior fabric. Thus you are safe with me.

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