Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scalamandre Online Selling and Buying

I get many a request for a Scalamandre quote on a fabric. At some point, when I have not heard back, I will follow up to see if my webclient is still interested. Not. The most common feedback is: "I bought from someone else below wholesale price."


These webclients have purchased from either eBay sellers or online "stores" that have warehouses. I am not a store, a warehouse, nor, am I selling you counterfeit fabrics. I buy only through our showroom accounts. It is the showrooms who send you cuttings and the fabrics. Never me.

Example: If it's a high end look you are seeking......because you have good taste............ you already will know how Scalamandre pillows are going to be complimenting the rest of your project compared to a flawed Calico Corners pillows.

Ask yourself this: Why would any seller purchase from Scalamandre at wholesale and sell it for less than wholesale? Where is the money in that?-!! The only explanation is: It is counterfeit textiles marketed under the Scalamandre label.

Counterfeit textiles is a big "knock off" market on the Internet today. Not only do you run the risk of not knowing the real nature of the fabric, but you could run into side effects too. The fabric may contain harmful dyes which may be allergenic or even carcinogenic. Some textiles require certain fire-retardant treatments whcih many not be utilized, or lesser quality treatments may be used. The general public may not be aware of the consequesces of purchasing and subsequently exposing themselves to these counterfeit textiles.

How savvy of a shopper are you? Are you seeking the various avenues online and "bricks and mortar" locations for Scalamandre?

"Unfortunately, these avenues aren't always honest. It doesn't matter if they are truly unaware, doing it on purpose, are naive or just don't care."

"eBay, as the biggest venue for selling, has a program called VeRO. This program allows for the protection of the owner of the property. This means the authentic owner, not the person selling the item. When an item is listed as being Scalamandre, the reporting tool they provides, lets Scalamandre immediately tell VeRO that there is something wrong with the listing. Normally, there are only tow reasons. One is that someone is selling an item that is a copy of one of Scalamandre products and the other is that they don't make the item at all. Scalamandre loves VeRO."

Of course, VeRO doesn't stop the Seller from selling to you. Have you been teased by the eBay name, "buyitbeforemyhusbandcomeshome" for a "must have" Scalamandre fabric? Best advise I can give is DELETE-!

The smart buyer will question any Scalamandre fabric being sold on eBay or online businesses who have their own warehouses filled with "purchased from the mills." Remember, it is you who has come to me. I have no inventory, so I have nothing to sell you until you ask. Then, I call my showroom account.

People....designers too........have begun to question Scalamandre lines being sold to them lately. Take the designers who have been walking into stores and making purchases of items marked as Scalamandre for their clients and later have gone into a Scalamandre showroom to try and purchase additional yardage. It is at this point, the designers find out they made a bad purchase.

My motto: You get what you paid for.

A la prochaine,


Jan Jessup said...

Dear Denise,
Just for the record, most Calico Corners stores sell only FIRST QUALITY fabrics. (Although they were founded 60 years ago as an outlet for designer seconds, they have not sold such fabrics for years.) There is no reason a Calico customer should end up with "flawed pillows".

Regarding Scalamandre, some of your shoppers may be finding discontinued fabrics at less than wholesale prices. Of course, then there is little chance of acquiring additional yardage, if needed.
Jan Jessup, Calico Corners

Denise said...

Jan thank you for your comments. Very good points. I worked at Calico Corners to know what "First Quality" means. In fact, it was Calico Corners who invented the term. By "flawed" I mean to say this is what happens at the mills during their production. Anything can happen.......and it does.........from threading breakings to running out of a dye before the bolt is completed.

As for "acquiring additional yardage" people do make mistakes in figuring yardage. This is why they contact showrooms.