Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christopher Edwards Fabrics

Hi, I can't believe we are already in the middle of January 2010-!

To start the year off, I was given a huge dosage of fabric education of a new kind. To begin with, I had a web-client last week who needed me to call her. I did and learned of an interesting new fabric, Christropher Edwards. ??????? The woman sounded highly intelligent and she was quite proud of the fact her new dining room windrow treatment would be hanging Christropher Edwards fabric, at the cost of "3 figures" per yard. WOW-! I was clueless who Christropher Edwards fabrics were and wondered what showroom carried this line at The Merchandise Mart, Chicago. After an extensive internet search for Christropher Edwards fabrics (and NO showroom carries it at "The Mart") I came across a blog, Bluemlein alerting his readers against this line. What an education Bluemlein gave me-!

First, let's understand one thing............Christropher Edwards fabrics are NOT "To-the-trade" for designers but apparently sold in Boca Bargoons stores which created this line. C Edwards has no " DNA of his own." Also, they have a website called Design Diva Fabrics and sell this "line" on it too. Thennnnnnnnn, there is the infamous eBay where honest people go and get stung many a times.

All in all, Bluemlein says this:

"Now, as to the "Christopher Edwards" brand: there is an interesting website that will tell you who owns which brand.

We took the "Christopher Edwards" name to this site, shook it and what do you think fell out:


Address: 17760 Fieldbrook Circle Boca Raton FLORIDA 33496
Description: Fabrics for the manufacture of clothing, upholstery, quilts and curtains


Soooooooooooooooooo, I ask you:
Why would anyone pay such high-end prices for fabric if it's not "To-the-trade" only?

If you covet a fabric from eBay, or any place on the Internet, do your homework. HOW? Google the line, then, do this: "Christopher Edwards fabrics + The Merchandise Mart." If no showroom pops up, then, delete the ebay seller..............fast.

I purchase for you through designer showrooms where only designers with accounts can go. Obviously, I have accounts. Never will I purchase from a mill. If you buy from those who buy through mills, then, you get what you paid for...........and, BEWARE of price.

The next education Bluemlein gave me will be my next post.

Thank you Bluemelein for posting Christopher Edwards and the education that went along with it.

A la prochaine,


Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you are so against ordering from the mill. I have ordered this Christopher Edwards fabric and other fabrics such as Kravet and Scalamandre from the mill. They are a fraction of the cost. I have a current Kravet pattern on order. Once the bolt comes in they will cut my order and then set the rest of the bolt to Kravet. My price is $40, if I buy the same thing from Kravet it is $125.

I can get the scalamandre shirred stripes in any colorway for $45 compared to $135 wholesale at the Boston design center.

Denise said...

Thank you for leaving a commnent.

My intent was to educate those who THINK Christopher Edwards is a "to the trade" vendor. It is not.

Any mill selling fabrics knowingly are selling you inferior quality from what they have made up for "to the trade." You must understand, along a mill's process of creating for a vendor, threads break, dyes run out, skipping, lint droppings, and on and on.

As for Scalamandre, they control it's ownership rights and it's mill isn't allowed to sell to you or anyone. They now have an outlet, but only for the fabrics they are dropping. And, these prices are wonderful. All of their inferior silks they have rejected from their mill goes to a company in NC. From NC a Scalamandre person oversees the silks being shredded and used only for the purpose of making our currency. Exam a dollar bill and observe the fine colorful markings...........you are holding Scalamandre-!!