Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Maison21 is my favorite blog for the real take on "What's-selling-in-California" ............. 3 years later, what has happened in CA. "then" makes it's way to the midwest "later." Chicago's moi tramping grounds-! So I do always pay close attention to what Maison21 posts, where it's unique or just picking up on his wild fantastic spelling of words or his creative style of phrasing an item. I just love him. As for his shopping excursions, I know he gets to have all the fun seeking out the best of new places in his neighborhood.....and I do envy him for this too. He also has a great sense of humor........Like, look what he found at hd buttercup? 3 by 4 foot raffia chandeliers that come in 2 colors for a mere $850.00 each. Only, if this item makes it to Chicago's NorthShore, I see this Sunday Funnies hanging in a huge broom closet in 3 years.

Do visit Maison21 and enjoy his blogging. He's a great insight for what is to come.

A la prochaine,

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