Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Funnies: ELLE DECO International Design Awards

Hi Girlfriends,

For this Sunday Funnies........... Milan 2008

GWEN: What is it???

HINT: It will make you "appreciate how some of the simplest furniture pieces can be re-interpreted in any number of ways."

DENISE: Did anyONE guess???

GWEN: A chair-!!

The Designer of the Year, Tokujin Yoshioka, has applied fabric squares to appear like petals, to allow the chair's user (that's us) to feel embraced, evoking a similar feeling to that of receiving a bouquet of flowers.

The "petals" of the chair are designed to return to their original form once a person stands up. Yoshioka explains that "the new chair Bouquet uplifts the sitter as well as a flowr bouquet does it to the receiver. The vibrant colors would evoke one's remembrance."

Remembrance, indeed-! This bouquet will be hard to forget.........especially on Valentine's Day.

A la prochaine,
Denise et Gwen

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