Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Salut Girlfriends-! Gwen and I have been pouring over furniture pieces to post one that we think is hilarious for our Sunday Funnies "Edition." We would have liked for it to have had a designer fabric on it, but going green is household word today. Eco green is passing us by and we find our "chair" today will be a difficult one for those who are trying to stay the course. For one thing, who wants to invite the gardners in to mow your furniture?-!!

Denise: Gwen, Should we tell our girlfriends we are GRANDmothers?

Gwen: I think you just did.

Denise: O yeah, I think I did too.

Gwen: Anyway.......I loved the Sunday Funnies while growing up in the 50's: My favorites being: Blondie, Dick Tracy, Little Lulu & Tubby, Richie, and at some point, Peanuts. Sunday also included church and family brunch afterwards. That meant I got to keep my Sunday shoes on until after brunch too-!

Denise: I remember after church we would drive by a corner where a newsstand was set up on Sundays only and we would buy The Chicago Tribune for 25 cents. By the time we reached home, we kids (one of nine) were fighting over who was going to get to read the Sunday Funnies first. My favorite was Brenda Starr with her mystery man and the exotic Black Orchid he would send her. Oooooh so romanitque.

Denise et Gwen: (sigh-!)

Mes amies, Denise goes everywhere with her Leica Lux-3. She took the following 2 pictures two summers ago. I think they might have been the inspiration for the last designed "chair."

Winnetka, Illinois 2007

Gwen: This last picture I can tell you, I will not be using it for decoratoring any client's room.

Denise: Don't you think this "chair" might give you chigger you got as a kid from rolling in the grass during summer nights?

Gwen: N'est it meant for future 911 calls to take me out feet first?

A la prochaine,
Denise et Gwen

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