Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi Girlfriends, Today, we are introducing music from selection by Playlist.com.......only we are sooooooooo new at this level, we are just experimenting. WE have been noticing a few of our favorite blogs are playing wonderfulllllllllll music, that even us Grannies are loving. It is so very stimulating to learn new "tricks" from so many creative authors of blogs: "All Things Bright and Beautiful," The Paris Apartment," and so many more.

Si "For Starters..." is just the beginning of learning a whole new dimension of this tres confusing network of techy. C'est, we ARE the Susan Boyles of this world, so bear in mind, when you read, "Killer Angel" by Randy Edelman, it is for his "Gettysburg" music only. Of course, once Susan Boyle cuts a CD, we will be all over it-!

"Gettysburg" plays in our home, my husband's office and our Ranger Rover (yaaaa, still young enough to enjoy these wheels). One time, as we pulled up for valet parking at The Greenbrier Resort and we had "Gettysburg" playing. By the time we left our stay, The Greenbrier was playing OUR music-!! Not saying we created the 'mood', but maybe they dug it out from their collections, because it was most fitting they would be playing this music.

A la prochaine,
Denise et Gwen


the paris apartment said...

Great music selections, I'll be checking out a lot of your recommendations!

Denise said...


Denise et Gwen