Monday, December 14, 2009

Face Lift.......Then and Now

Hi Everyone, The lesson today is how to not throw any wood furniture out. If you are dismantling a home of your parents/grandparents/relatives or helping a friend, don't just "pitch" any old wood furniture. Even if you have no immediate use for it .........later you will thank me. Keep the wood items. As decor fashions change, there is "someone" with vision and can create a totally different look to a wood item. This post is proof................

My fabric arrived for my 1950-ish "A Decorator's Chair" and it's wonderful-! The fabric came last Monday and I took it to my workroom on Tuesday morn. At 5:45P Thursday night, the chair was delivered. Now how is that for "instant gratification?"


This chair was in the entrance of my g.f. Nancy's mother home forever. Mahogany wood with gold velvet fabric. The cushion and back was of foam and it was hard as a rock. Like petrified. ICK.

What luck though, Nancy's mother was an meticulous caregiver of everything she owned. Nothing in her home was broken or cracked. And everything that had a key to it, the mother still had. A wonderful woman who knew how to maintain her possessions. So it was lucky for me that on the back of this wonderful little gem was still the name plate, "A decorator's chair." It is believed that good decorators gave this chair as a house gift upon completion of a project.


I had my workroom paint it lacquer black, and then I went outside- the- box to make this chair noteworthy of popping. Nancy doesn't know yet, but when she comes for my Pheasant dinner party, she will have the honor of being assigned to this chair. I really can't wait for her reaction...........................

Kravet Couture : 28929 - 81 (Zebra)
Kravet: Ultra Suede - Lime

A la prochaine,


Marla Grosko said...

It is beautiful! Thanks for the post to remind us that, with a little imagination, any piece can be outstanding!

Denise said...

Thanks Marla.