Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do It In


I love spending quality time studying other fashion blogs and here is one I look so forward to each visit: Do It In Paris. I find myself spending over an hour each time, just studying all her own adorable drawings (like at the left) and all what she has to say about "elegant fashion style of the Parisian woman." First, it is her own sketches............notice how she does a whimsical drawing of a model (her?) wearing the lastest Parisan trends, then the rest of the details of the fashions, reminds me of my own paperdoll cut-out days. But, don't stop a simple click, I am shopping at the best Parisian boutiques for shoes, spas, romantic (and $$$) hotels, bistros, "hot" pasteries for macarons, night bars, interviews with equally talented women, and before I know it, I find myself reading a recipe for whipping up a batch of Chocolate Kisses cookies. Believe me, this is one blog you will want to visit over and over.

I love these two ads which appear on Do It In Paris showing off pink to sell their product. Isn't it all exceptionally creative...........and captivating?

Miss Dior. This is one entertaining "Pop - up" book Ad you won't want to miss. You might think ads couldn't get any better than this.................but, it will, because it is Paris-!!

A la prochaine,

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